Newsweek has picked five of the “most outrageous” moments from the movie My Son Hunter, which is currently available for streaming and download. Most of these so-called “outrageous” moments are indisputably true, including Hunter Biden’s well-documented sex and drug addictions and the media’s dishonest portrayal of Black Lives Matter riots as “mostly peaceful.” Perhaps most strangely, Newsweek categorized China’s persecution of Uyghur Muslims as “outrageous” even though it has been authenticated by the United Nations and news outlets including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

My Son Hunter, a film that promotes the accusation that President Joe Biden profited from his son’s allegedly nefarious international deals, is filled with outrageous moments from start to finish.

Veteran tough guy actor Robert Davi returns to the director chair for the third time in a film written by Brian Gadawa.

“I don’t believe any voice should be held down in America, as the left is doing,” Davi told Newsweek. “In Hollywood today, most conservatives are afraid to speak up. That has got to change.”

The film repeatedly makes jibes at the Biden family, liberals and the media as it attempts to shed light on a story filled with conspiracy theories and political wrongdoing. The film appears to take inspiration from Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street as characters regularly turn to speak to the audience.

The film is based largely on the story of the “laptop from hell” that Hunter Biden mistakenly abandoned at a repair shop, and which included emails that conservatives say are proof that then-Vice President Biden profited from his son’s “influence peddling.”

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