On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins stated that we are currently getting around a million coronavirus vaccine doses in arms every day, and that is “getting pretty close to where we hope to be.”

Collins said, “We are now getting about a million doses, or at least 900,000 doses in arms every day. That’s getting pretty close to where we hope to be.”

He added, “Well, the goal is to get 80, maybe 85% of Americans immunized. Because then you get to this well talked about herd immunity, where there’s enough immunity in the country that the virus loses its grip and we basically send it packing. And that means, of course, getting something like 280 million people immunized.”

Collins further stated, “Hats off to West Virginia. If we could all do what they’re doing, then we wouldn’t be having quite this conversation. But people are learning as they go, and I think we’ve got to give them a chance to figure that out. Give it a couple, three more weeks and I think this will be in a more stable place.”