NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Authorizes Schools to Open for in-Person Learning


Cuomo announced that the statewide infection rate remains at one percent, telling reporters that New York is “probably in the best situation in the country right now.” Because of that, he is giving schools statewide the green light to reopen in the fall:

“All school districts in the state can open, everywhere in the state,” Cuomo told reporters, calling it “great news.”

“You look at our infection rate, we are probably in the best situation in the country … so if anybody can open schools we can open schools, and that’s true for every region in the state,” he added.

Cuomo said individual school districts can embrace in-person learning, virtual learning, or implement a hybrid model. Regardless of their decisions, the governor is formally authorizing the reopening of brick and mortar schools:

The state is providing guidelines for schools to reopen, including the inclusion of masks. School districts must “post their remote learning plans & their testing/tracing plans online,” “set dates for 3-5 discussion sessions with parents & community,” and “have at least one separate discussion with teachers alone,” per the governor:

Cuomo also said he wants school districts to “post their quote-unquote testing plans for their school districts.”

Regions that experience a spike in cases, reporting an infection level of nine percent or greater before the first day of school, will be required to nix their immediate on-site reopening plans.

Currently, though, all regions remain sound.

“Everywhere in the state, every region is below the threshold that we established,” Cuomo told reporters on Friday. “If there’s a spike in the infection rate, if there’s a matter of concern in the infection rate, then we can revisit.”