Political Tug War

Dear Democrat Party,

So now you’re advocating what amounts to domestic terrorism because you didn’t get your way in 2016 and yet again when you were afraid of losing the liberal legislature at SCOTUS. So, there can be no civility with a party that wants to destroy everything you stand for – gotcha.

We’ve tried “civility” with a party that wants to destroy everything we stand for. All eight years of the Obama presidency was a full-on assault of America, the rights enshrined in our founding documents, and the legitimacy of the institutions that sprang from those ideals. All done under the faux outrage of identity politics and “fairness.” Cultural Marxists have been hard at work at your party, and now they’ve hijacked it. The reasoned few have been replaced by those like you and your leaders who advocate the violent overthrow of a duly elected government. Do I want to destroy that? You bet.

But like your pals who fly airplanes into buildings, you don’t want civility. Like your allies who riot in the streets of Portland and vandalize opposition election offices, you don’t want tolerance. Like the Hive Mind drones who verbally and physically assault conservative college students on campus, you have no desire for peace.

You have repeatedly demonstrated that you are far too emotionally immature to assume the mantle of responsibility that marks free citizens of a free Republic. You’ve assaulted lawmakers. Hell, you’ve tried to murder them. Your ‘entertainment’ arm has repeatedly called for wholesale murder, up to and including the President of the United States. Your leadership continues to endorse violence either via public statements or complicit silence. You have gone from a legitimate opposition party to Hamas and Hezbollah in less than a generation. You give violence a pass with a wink and a nod, hiding behind a one polymer layer thick veneer of legitimacy. You justify it with meaningless, nonsensical terms like “social justice” or “white privilege” or “toxic masculinity.” You cloak terrorism in noble, democratic terms, but it remains terrorism.

The three-year smear job/witch hunt unleashed on a sitting President revealed in clear and concise terms the depths of depravity to which you’ll stoop to hijack power over your fellow citizens. Just like your Islamic allies, until you police the fanatics in your own ranks who would effect political change by violence, you are the enemy of the Republic. You have joined the howling barbarians, clamoring at the gates of civilization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly revealed your true agenda, despite all your classical rhetoric. Closet fascists in your ranks have forbidden worship, ruined entire industries, and sent small businesses into the black maw of bankruptcy by the score in your unholy quest for complete control over a free people. It has provided an excuse for you to indulge your lurid fantasies of power.

People of genuine conviction take an oath to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I took it myself in 1986. The last three-plus years have shown the rest of the nation exactly into which category you have chosen to belong. So as your childish foot soldiers call for open conflict and the sloppy, faux intellectuals who populate your ranks bloviate or stand mute – one wonders if you’ll follow through. Make this your Lexington and Concorde if you dare.

We both know you won’t. The genuine principle needs to be backed with physical and moral courage (pledging lives, fortunes, and sacred honor ring a bell?) and that my Leftist’s friends are where you consistently fall short. Attacking innocent, unarmed citizens who hold opposite political views or wear a MAGA hat is more your speed. Open conflict on an actual battlefield is something else.

When the metal meets the meat, yours is the way of the coward. You would no more risk your life of ease (brought to you, incidentally by a free capitalist Republic-you’re welcome) in the trials of combat than you would give up your soy latte and your iPhone. When the nation has called, you have shown again and again your lack of any real conviction. One must first have sacred honor in order to pledge to risk it. Like courage, honor escapes you.

This is precisely why you’ve consistently chosen to inflict your fringe agenda via the judiciary; because you’ve seen it rejected again and again in the legislative. Even your crown jewel the hilariously misnamed, ‘Affordable Care Act’ had to be rammed through in secrecy by partisan hacks.

The way to beat an idea is with a better idea, and despite all your pandering to the most base and ugly of human emotions, you’ve yet to advance anything better than the ones the Founders came up with. And so your answer is to delegitimize those ideals and tear down the institutions. Push the rewind and erase buttons on history in the pursuit of raw power. And if you can’t have it, you’ll take everyone else down with you.

If you have true courage of your convictions, then stand behind them. Stop hiding your faces. Stop hiding behind the lofty slogans of a thoroughly disproven ideology. We know what you are now. Stop letting others do your fighting, suit up, and get in the game. If you truly have an appetite for conflict, let’s make sure you get your fill.

This next election, let us once again meet in the arena of ideas in which you have been so consistently vanquished and may the best agenda win.

image RWR original article syndication source.