Now underway and in its 11th year, School Choice Week is highlighting “online projects and activities,” president Andrew Campanella said in a blog post.

“We are also working harder to get information and resources to families navigating the process of choosing schools and learning environments for their children,” he said.

“We know that demand for school choice has reached historic highs, and we want to help moms and dads achieve success in what can often feel like an overwhelming process,” Campanella said.

EdChoice recently found support for educational options is at an “all-time high.”

“Overwhelmingly, 71 percent (of parents) in this most recent survey said they would want multiple options for how they would school their children,” group vice president Paul DiPerna told The Kyle Olson Show.

The survey found 72 percent of parents support charter schools.

Campanella said:

When we launched National School Choice Week in 2011, we endeavored to build an effort that spotlighted all types of schools equally, without criticizing or favoring any one option. We count thousands of traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online schools, and homeschool groups among our participants. We also pledged to be non-political, non-partisan, and relentlessly positive in our work to promote effective education options for children. I could not be prouder of those values — and of the fact that we’ve stuck to them for more than a decade. We plan to keep sticking to those values in the years to come.

A virtual kickoff event was scheduled to be held at noon eastern on Monday:

“An unprecedented number of parents seek answers and flexibility in their children’s education,” Campanella said in a news release.

“This week, we invite all Americans to share with others about learning opportunities in their state, so that all parents have the resources they need to make an informed school choice.”