Pelosi: Trump Is Asking Supporters to ‘Choose Him Over Their Own Children’


Wednesday during a Democratic press call that aired on CSPAN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said President Donald Trump’s push to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic is asking his supporters “to choose him over their children.”

Pelosi said, “I believe that President Trump is asking his supporters — who seem to be able to accept almost anything that he does — he’s asking them to choose him over their children and over their families. The health and well-being of their families, especially now as it comes to going back to school.”

She continued, “He wants to give the resources largely to the schools that will actually open as opposed to those who are making their judgment that it’s in the interest of safety in children not to go down that path. So he’s saying to them, ‘It’s Donald Trump or your children.’ Think about it.”

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