PGA Golfer Richy Werenski Sparks Backlash After Wearing ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Wristband at Tournament


And, they’re not too happy about it.

Images of Werenski and his well-worn wristband began circulating around the internet this weekend as he played at the 3M Open on Sunday. Though, it wasn’t just the wearing of the wristband that caused the media to take note. It seems the media took particular exception to Werenski wearing the wristband only a short distance away from where George Floyd died.

Whether or not the PGA was happy, is an open question. Though, the PGA shouldn’t have been surprised since, again, he’s been wearing the wristband since 2017. Moreover, if athletes across the sports world can kneel and support Black Lives Matter, why can’t Werenski support the cops. And what does his proximity to Minneapolis have to do with anything?

Not all the Twitter traffic about Werensky’s wristband was negative. Many, in fact, supported him.

Werensky has not commented on his wearing of the wristband. Nor would his words have any impact on the media elites who are so offended by it. So, why bother?

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