Police: Maryland Inmate Freed Due to Coronavirus Stabbed 63-Year-Old Man


But now, Justin Wilson, 26, of Germantown, Maryland, is back behind bars after he allegedly stabbed a man to death during his release.

Wilson was awaiting trial on charges of theft and other crimes when a Montgomery County judge ordered him to be released in April, Fox 5 DC reported.

Then on July 23, Wilson allegedly got into a struggle with Edigio Ienzi, 63, also of Germantown. Ienzi’s relative told the police Wilson was brandishing a knife.

Ienzi later died from his stab wounds after being rushed to the hospital.

After the police conducted an investigation, they arrested Wilson on first-degree murder charges.

Wilson is not the first jailbird to recently walk free because of the coronavirus only to be arrested again on a more serious charge.

A man charged with rape and released on bond due to the coronavirus allegedly shot and killed his accuser in Virginia last week.