Professors Celebrate Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis


Campus Reform compiled a list of tweets published this weekend by professors that were celebrating news of the president’s positive coronavirus test. Some professors have since deleted their tweets as Twitter began to enforce its policy against wishing death and illness against people.

Northwestern University journalism professor Steven Thrasher said in one tweet that his “head aches with laughter” after learning of the President’s diagnosis. “I wish my friend Trump carelessly killed by COVID were alive to see Trump going to Walter Reed,” Thrasher wrote in another tweet.

In a comment, Thrasher elaborated on the meaning behind his tweet. “I don’t know if you’ve ever buried someone-I’ve buried a few-but this death was especially enraging because it was preventable,” Thrasher said. “So my head ached with laughter with the frustration and absurdity of being unable to talk to them, to tell them how the story has developed, that the person who killed them has now come for himself.”

Other professors were quick to retweet users that were celebrating the president’s misfortune. University of Michigan economics professor Susan Dynarski shared a tweet that declared that Trump’s diagnosis was “objectively hilarious and rules very much.”

“Whatever your politics, whatever your party or candidate, wherever you stand on one issue or the next, if you care about the United States of America and want it to flourish you have to admit that all this shit is objectively hilarious and rules very much,” the tweet read.

Professor Dynarski shared a second tweet that blasted those that believe it is inappropriate to celebrate the president’s diagnosis.

“I was just told by some people it’s wrong to be happy that the president who said that COVID is a hoax has COVID and to them I’d like to say, from the bottom of my heart, fuck you,” the tweet read.

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