First, let’s acknowledge the hypocrisy in the headline. CNN loves white people’s viewership, clicks, and money. In previous articles, here and here, I have aimed my critique of the ailing network to Don Lemon’s unfathomable positions regarding race. Since then, an illuminating Twitter video surfaced which reintroduced us to a younger Lemon, one who was in complete agreement with an assessment of the black community by former Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly. No doubt most conservatives already know of Lemon’s self-serving duplicity, but even this is appalling.

It is worth noting that CNN was founded by a white (Ted Turner), who was married for a time to a white America-hater (Jane Fonda) and is currently helmed by a white CEO (Jeffrey Zucker). Digging deeper, CNN was bought out by Time Warner, which was founded by a white (Steve Ross), has as its CEO a white (Jason Kilar), and whose own parent company AT&T has white roots (Alexander Graham Bell) and is currently run by a white executive chairman (Randall Stephenson) and white CEO (Jason Stankey). That’s a lot of whites. Not that I care of, course, but I know others that do.

A casual glance at their home page reveals a trove of race-centered, race-baiting, and race war-inciting propaganda, but one article, in particular, is especially troublesome, titled Your Big Questions About Race, Answered. I didn’t know I had any big questions other than “Why are we so focused on race in 2020?” Spoiler: They don’t answer that one.

This specific article, linked here, asks and answers seven questions that don’t as much answer questions as simply reaffirm white guilt and force whites to examine their alleged complicity in racist systemic oppression. I consider it a public service having read it and watched their videos multiple times in order to analyze the piece. You are welcome; it was not easy.

The first question asks, “Are all White people racist?” You already know the answer, but CNN disguises it by addressing the loaded question with song lyrics from the Broadway hit Avenue Q. I actually enjoyed that production, and the reference takes their silly song completely out of context. The lyrics they offer are this:

  • “Everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes….
  • Look around and you will find
  • No one’s really color-blind.
  • Maybe it’s a fact we all should face
  • Everyone makes judgments based on race.”

It’s funny and appropriate in the play. Everyone is made fun of and the characters move onto the next social commentary. For CNN, though, it’s their way of saying “Yes, all white people are racist.” Remember, racism is bad, so by a logical deduction they are saying all white people are bad. It’s inescapable. However, white people’s money is good.

Because the Sheeple are vapid and easily manipulated, CNN only offers a few lines of response to each of their highly inflammatory questions. It’s no doubt intentional; keep it simple lest the viewers get bored and move on. Amazingly, even in the few lines, they cannot even maintain consistency with their argument. Not five sentences later, they shift to a tone that despite white people’s inherent racism, they can still overcome it! Praise be to Allah. Through a combination of self-deprecating books and close personal friendships, white people can blast their way out of their racist ways and “eventually…sing a new song.”

So what is it? Are all whites racist, or are some whites not racist if they overcome their racism? Obviously, it can’t be both. At the onset, CNN tells us all whites are racist, and less than 100 words later they tell us they aren’t (if they adhere to the proper protocol of practicing self-loathing, that is). It should be obvious what is going on. Authors like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo can’t make money if the cause is hopeless. This just puts us in a Catch-22. If whites truly are all racist but cannot overcome it, then they can’t make book sales by selling an antidote. But if all whites are not racist because it can be overcome, then they can’t claim the dire straits of systemic white racism. It’s this last part that is truly damning for them because most American whites are not racist, yet the only way to push the narrative is to say we are. And then say we can only overcome it IF we buy their books. No one ever accused leftists of being sincere.

The second question asks, “What’s wrong with All Lives Matter?” Did you know the phrase “minimizes the current struggle black people face against systemic racism”? Hmm, that’s not what Don Lemon said. (Are you seeing how easy it is to pile on Don Lemon?) They couldn’t even be bothered to spell it out (can’t demand too much reading of the Sheeple, after all), so they rely on a video clip to make the quaint comparison of lives mattering to a dinner party. Imagine you find yourself seated at a table among other guests, they begin. Your place setting is the only one missing a plate of food and water glass. You call for the attention of the waiter, notifying him of your predicament. In his response, and I know we’ve all been here, he ignores your original purpose for calling his attention and simply proclaims that, yes, all guests should have food and water. Oh, CNN.

When the glass finally does arrive, it is broken and unusable. Again, you notify the waiter of your situation, but another guest jumps in and says, well my glass is dirty as well, so I cannot drink out of mine either. Does your glass matter more than my glass, he is imagined to ask. Right…

We all eat out, and likely, we have encountered the scenarios as presented before. Not once has a broken glass appeared where the entire restaurant failed to take note of the obvious dangers. It might be dirty from breaking on the floor, you could cut your lip, you could ingest broken glass, etc. The same is true of black lives have worth. We all value black lives; it’s not even a debatable proposition. Funnily enough, conservatives are the ones looking out for them! How many minutes were spent on CNN delving into the loss of at least nine underage black lives over the Fourth of July weekend? Don Lemon, in the link above, tells Terry Crews that’s not even what Black Lives Matter is about. Except, now Omar Jimenez says that’s exactly what it’s about. Here we are again with the inconsistencies.

Are you noticing a pattern? There is absolutely zero logical cohesion to any of this. Likely, that is the point. The media, especially CNN, assume that the Sheeple are nothing more than goldfish in a maze. After a few seconds of wandering, we know where we are but forgot how we arrived.

The third question asks, “Can people of color be racist?” In short, it depends on whom you ask. Some scholars say no. But the esteemed Kendi, he of a two-parent, middle-class family that sent him to a private school in Queens before enrolling him in Unity High School, the 2001 High School of the Year (right around his graduation), observes that by requiring racism to include power, it takes away the natural power blacks have. So, he says yes. But only sometimes and only when it suits his needs. Obviously, DeSean Jackson’s recent anti-Semitic comments don’t count. Just when you thought it was unsettled and we could move on, we are then informed that asking if people of color can be racist is entirely the wrong question. So why did we ask it? Ahhh. In this worldview, people of color are only racist if they are part of the system that is racist. As the Spanish-language idiom goes, clear as mud.

The fourth question asks, “How do I talk about this subject with other friends?” I’ll be honest, I skipped this one. It’s another video with Van Jones and I don’t care enough. It’s hard to keep going while sifting through his nonsense. Did you know he’s worth a few million dollars? If I had to guess, they said something like “be courageous” or “speak your truth” or “find allies” or whatever. Moving on.

The fifth question asks, “What is the difference between being a non-racist and an anti-racist?” Just a few years ago, 99% of the normal world would have looked at you and said you’re making up words. Now, if you deny anti-racism is a thing you are called a racist and canceled. Except cancel culture doesn’t exist, according to Charles Blow. He’s a living example if you’re angry you’ll never be happy, despite his luxurious net worth. And he has had extramarital affairs while railing against Trump’s treatment of women. Got it.

It used to be a good thing that one was not a racist. Back when you were either a racist (bad) or not a racist (good). More to the point, it was obvious who was what. Did you treat people kindly? Follow the golden rule? Act in a colorblind manner? Then kudos to you, because you were not a racist.

Nowadays, and by “nowadays” I mean “in the last five minutes,” to be a non-racist is to be complicit in evil. To look at the values and character traits of an individual is to “dehumanize” blacks. See my black skin, they say. As Kendi posits, now doing nothing contributes to racism. So there’s that. Or, and this is just hypothetical, we make race relations worse when all we do is focus on race, like painting giant signs in our public spaces reading Black Lives Matter and calling everyone racist when really they’re just good people trying to go to work and love their families. Maybe I’m alone in that.

Racists and non-racists share the same goal – perpetuate the system. Did you know you, dear white readers, we’re all perpetuating an evil system? Far be it for me to notice, but when we deconstructed the system in Seattle, the CHAZneans relied entirely on outside donations for survival, and when left to their own devices, ended up instituting segregated areas, and, by the way, raping and murdering kids. But it’s better than the evil United States of America!

The sixth question asks, “What is White Privilege?” It’s capitalized; White Privilege is a proper noun now. It begins with the definition of White Privilege, which I would have defined as anything to explain away tough conversations and place blame on more easily blamed external factors, but which CNN describes as “individual and systemic advantages afforded to White people by virtue of them belonging to the dominant ethnic group in society.” They kind of allude to the counter-narrative that White Privilege is mostly about dominant culture privilege, which really is a thing, but then quickly moves past it. But, for the sake of exploring that, imagine a white person goes to China. Do they have white privilege anymore? CNN and I never ask the same questions about race.

They begin with the innocuous stuff like “see yourself in movies or textbooks” before transitioning to the heavy-hitting realities that White Privilege is extended to things like applying for loans or bank accounts, because, you know how much banks love turning away money. There is also the standard statement of White Privilege is “being pulled over by a police officer without having to fear for your life.” This is prime CNN; ginning up fear and racial divide. Did you know that in Chicago for the past six years, police average around three million contacts with the public, including making eighty-five thousand arrests, and under one hundred total civilians have been shot and killed in that time span? The reality is, every study has shown that blacks and white victims have the same statistical likelihood of being shot and killed by the police, and moreover, that black police are just as likely to do the shooting as white police. A lot has been written but I specifically covered the data in articles here, here, and here. You just wouldn’t know it based on biased national news coverage.

The most blatant counter-argument to white privilege is the fact that there are countless millions of white Americans living in poverty, and for many more, in just a no-frills, middle-class lifestyle. It isn’t glamorous, but it gets the job done. Honest people ask, where is their privilege? Do you know how CNN answers that? With this: “It’s that with all other things being equal, a White person will still have an advantage because their race won’t be one of the things working against them.” A non-answer of an answer. The average white person does better on average, blah, blah, blah. Maybe, on average, their values and work ethic are different? Maybe?

The seventh and final and last (thank goodness) question asks, “What is the difference between racism and racial bias?” I think CNN got bored with this piece as much as readers because it’s a scanty last segment. They offer two quick examples of “implicit and unconscious bias,” such as clutching a purse (who clutches a purse in 2020?) and assuming black boys are older than they really are. I stifled laughter throughout this whole piece but I admit to laughing out loud here. My visceral response to that statement was: And? LeBron James looked like he was forty coming out of high school. Am I racist for thinking that, or was he just an old looking dude? I didn’t care that he looked old; I didn’t harbor racist thoughts. He looked old. So what. Pound for pound he is the best basketball player in the history of the league, but I don’t get to use my own two eyes now and come to my own conclusions?

The piece concludes with an emotional tug on whatever heartstrings are left after deciphering this madhouse of logorrhea. Everyone knows the name Tamir Rice because he was only twelve years old when Cleveland police fatally shot him in a park. The article claims that white police (make sure you mention the race) shot him because he looked older. And had a gun. I gave up gambling now that I have given up watching the NFL, but as a final wager, I would hazard a guess that they might have opened fire because of the quite real-looking firearm and not that he came off as a fifteen-year-old rather than a twelve-year-old. Again, I could be way off base. Listen, Tamir’s death was a tragic accident, but you can’t wave a real-looking gun in public and brandish it when the police show up. Period.

CNN would like to think their piece was so enlightening that they successfully re-educated me as a woke white leftist, but that did not transpire. I even read it multiple times; still no woke transformation. What I did take away is that the news media is trying really, really hard to make white people hate themselves and stoke the fire for a hot racial war. Don’t let them.

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