Republican Attorneys General Call on Democrats to Quell Violence in Their Cities


Three GOP AGs spoke with reporters on the 100th day of violent protests in cities across the country to call for Democrats leading the riot-torn cities to be held accountable and accept help from the federal government if it is needed.

“I think it is critically important that every elected official in this nation draw a line between peaceful protests and rioting,” RAGA Vice Chairman and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said on the call. “The first use words; the second use violence. The first is protected by the First Amendment, and the other is outright lawlessness.”

When asked by Breitbart News about the Trump administration being repeatedly rebuked when offering help to cities facing mayhem, the AGs said it is Democrat leaders’ responsibility to do whatever it takes to maintain law and order.

“Locals are at the tip of the spear when it comes to protecting their communities,” Carr told Breitbart News. “To do otherwise is absolutely a dereliction of duty.”

The AGs spoke about their ad campaign to share with Americans what is at stake on November 3 and how the Democrats have shirked their responsibility to protect citizens and property.

“I am repeatedly outraged to see so many elected officials that have taken oaths to the citizens that trusted them,” Ashley Moody, Florida attorney general said on the call.” I have been shocked to see them abandon their oath.”

Because “reckless, gutless prosecutors” have capitulated to criminals run amok over the last 100 days,” the public safety system “is breaking down,” Moody said.

The RAGA website explains its mission:

Today marks 100 days since violent protests began in Portland, when lawless liberals nationwide began to attack law enforcement, burn down their own cities, and ignore the rule of law. Unfortunately, it has taken Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, including state attorneys general, over three months of lawlessness, disorder, and increased crime to finally admit that violence is running rampant through Democrat-run cities.

While national Democrats are now recognizing the effect 100 days of violence is having on polling numbers, they continue to remain silent on denouncing and discouraging the radical actions of Antifa and other Democrat-affiliated organizations. Meanwhile, the Republican Attorneys General Association has been the only national political committee beating the drum for the past 100 days on the dangerousness of “defund the police” and the lawless liberal agenda.

“Unfortunately over the past 100 days we have seen the threads of our Democracy being ripped apart through violence, paid professional rioters tearing at the culture that makes America great,” Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said on the call.

“I want my two-year-old daughter to grow up in the same incredible American dream that I grew up in,” Rutledge said.

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