The impending inauguration of Joe Biden has not dulled filmmaker Rob Reiner’s zeal for attacking President Donald Trump. On Monday, the Hollywood director called the commander in chief a “lifetime criminal,” alleging without evidence that the president is receiving “a cut of the action” for each person he pardons.

President Trump is expected to issue a slate of executive pardons in his final days in office, with various reports stating that the president is preparing as many as 100 pardons and commutations. Despite rumors, the president isn’t reportedly considering pardoning himself.

Rob Reiner alleged Monday that President Trump is surely getting a “cut of the action” for each pardon he grants, implying that Trump is expecting something in return from each person he pardons. “A criminal right to the very end,” the filmmaker wrote.

Rob Reiner, who endorsed and campaigned for Joe Biden, has regularly made false statements about the president and his supporters, with no penalty from Twitter. He repeatedly called the president a murderer and his supporters “white supremacists.”

The Princess Bride director recently pressured Congress to impeach the president, telling lawmakers that if they don’t oust the president during his remaining days in office, they will be supporting sedition, which is a federal crime.