“You know, it’s funny, what a difference a day can make,” the Iron Man star said, according to a report from CNBC, whose anchor Tania Bryer was moderating the discussion. “We’ve been prone in the West over here to be very personality-based and now we’re going back to principle, and that takes a lot of discipline.”

Downey, Jr. kept the Biden lovefest going: “I was very pleased to see our commander-in-chief say to his entire cabinet: ‘You are all to treat each other with respect from day one, or I’m gonna have a problem with you.'”

The actor quipped that the move showed “good den mothering” and “common sense.”

“I think we tend to fall out of step with principle behavior and then the cavalcade of character defects start rearing their ugly heads,” he said.

During the panel, Downey Jr. also espoused a globalist view of international relations. “We have to act as a single mind as often as possible,” he said.

The Hollywood star was speaking to promote his Footprint Coalition, an environmental initiative that is “committed to scaling technologies to restore our planet,” according to its official website.