South Dakota ‘Back the Blue’ Rally Sees Generous Turnout


There was a generous turnout at the rally, where people lined the streets near the Law Enforcement Center in Sioux Falls and waved American flags and other flags showing support for law enforcement.

People holding signs that read “Defend the Police” and “We Back the Blue” could also be seen along the streets.

Organizers of the rally also began raising money to purchase supplies for Sioux Falls law enforcement.

“My dad’s a former police officer and I have some other friends that are law enforcement in that area. So, this is the least that I can do to, or most I can do, to say ‘hey, thank you for protecting everybody,'” Ashley Dickerson, a rally participant, told KELO.

There was also a group of 20 counterprotesters who gathered across the street.

This city and others across the country have joined together to demonstrate their gratitude for law enforcement amid an ongoing national debate about police brutality and accountability.

On Thursday, a “Back the Blue” rally in Massachusetts saw record turnout.