Appearing Thursday on the Fox News Channel, Montgomery County, Texas, sheriff Rand Henderson called for fentanyl to be labeled as a “weapon of mass destruction,” citing the alarming number of deaths due to the dangerous drug across the United States.

A transcript is as follows:

NEIL CAVUTO: The fentanyl problem, in general, a lot of people agree with you that it is a weapon of mass destruction. And right now, it’s a problem that is not being monitored and it’s out of control.

RAND HENDERSON: It’s a weapon of mass destruction and it’s also a poison. It’s devastating our communities. Our Texas governor is looking to enact legislation that would declare it a poison so that if somebody provided that and resulted in bodily injury or death, it could result up to murder charge. I’d also call on the federal government if they think the border is secure, I think there’s the Office of National Drug Control Policy that falls under the White House’s jurisdiction, they should declare this a weapon of mass destruction and also characterize this poison as what it is. It’s killing our population.