Is anybody satisfied with the Biden administration’s continuing crisis at our southern border — except maybe the astonishing numbers of illegal immigrants who have crossed the U.S-Mexico border?

Gov. Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) sure isn’t happy, and he made that unhappiness crystal clear in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Friday.

Ducey didn’t hold back on how he feels about what the administration has done and hasn’t done at the border.

“I’ve worked now with three presidents – Obama, Trump and Biden – the Biden administration is far and away the worst,” the governor told Cavuto. Ducey said that the Department of Homeland Security has been “completely non-responsive” in terms of assistance or any resolution to the border crisis.

“Secretary Mayorkas needs to resign. He came to Phoenix, but he’s hiding from the border,” Ducey declared.

Arizona is taking some of the border matters into its own hands.

In an effort to “support the brave men and women” who are “undermanned and under resourced” as they attempt to control the large influx of migrants along the southern border, Ducey said Arizona is “surging state badges to the border.”

Ducey concluded that the rush of migrants to the southern border is “due to the Biden administration’s policies” as Arizona is doing all that it can to “support our federal partners” amid a complete lack of attention and seriousness from Joe Biden and his border czar, Kamala Harris.”

Ducey and other officials in his state are aware that the federal government has not been expelling migrants under Title 42, which allows the U.S. to turn asylum seekers away due to the pandemic, and that drug cartels are taking advantage of that inaction. “This is something that’s infecting all of our schools and our neighborhoods and not just in border states,” the governor concluded.

Officials say that border crossings have increased a mind-blowing 2,467% in just one zone since the beginning of October.


Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

That level of immigration has put a strain on cities along the border like Yuma, which declared a local emergency over what Mayor Douglas Nicholls has termed a “humanitarian crisis.”

“Migrants are traveling through Yuma during a time of great uncertainty about the COVID-19 virus, and without provisions for adequate food, water, shelter, transportation and medical care,” city officials said in a statement. “This surge of migrants has and will continue to strain the ability of medical staff and local hospital resources to provide essential and necessary medical care.”

Yuma’s leaders have also noted the impact that illegal immigration has had on their agricultural industry:

“The encroachment on active production fields results in food safety concerns and the destruction of crops, which leads to significant economic loss and property damage in the farming community, loss of agriculture-related jobs, and a threat to the nation’s food security,” officials said.

Pew Research says that U.S. Border Patrol encounters with immigrants were quiet for fiscal year 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 400,000; however, this year is another story. Agents have encountered over 1.6 million illegal aliens this year —a record.

Pew also explains what an encounter with an immigrant means:

Migrant encounters refer to two distinct kinds of events: expulsions, in which migrants are immediately expelled to their home country or last country of transit, and apprehensions, in which migrants are detained in the United States, at least temporarily.

At the end of the day, the Biden administration has failed Americans who live and work along the border. Doug Ducey understands that fact, and thankfully he’s willing to call them out for it.

Too bad it won’t lead to positive change.