The media bias in the coverage of coronavirus has been quite uncanny. They aren’t really heaping praise on Governor Andrew Cuomo versus President Donald Trump, despite Cuomo representing the state with the worst record of deaths from the virus. We also aren’t seeing the media bashing the governor of Florida about their beaches, the crowding in New York City’s subways, or the ignoring social distancing orders in Central Park. They only seem to bash the elected officials wanting to re-open businesses and get American families their lives back again.

Everything was quiet…until the Tampa Bay Times covered some “one-day record” in coronavirus deaths. The article links between a record number of deaths in Florida and the day after the state began re-opening. There were 113 fatalities reported from the coronavirus, including 11 in Tampa Bay.

As many pointed out, this is a ridiculously structured article implying the relationship of one event equals the other when it really isn’t that simple. You don’t catch it and then die the next day unless Floridians have discovered some magical new strain of the virus itself, which is extremely unlikely. 

Additionally, the number is extremely deceptive in the headline and very “clickbait” in its material…which nobody likes. If you read the actual article, the number doesn’t indicate the number of people who died in the past day but a “spiking” number because it is adding in deaths of non-Florida residents who hadn’t been previously counted and may have died weeks ago. What a load of Liberal rubbish to twist numbers around like that.

Back to my previous point, you don’t get the disease one day and then die the next. There’s a 5-7 incubation period before the virus even becomes symptomatic. Not to mention the lag time for deaths to when someone might die depending on their immune system, previous health problems, etc. This can range from ten days to two weeks. 

Deaths are a lagging indicator of anything related to the virus. You can’t hold on for deaths to decline or you’d be hanging on for weeks. Deaths represent transmissions from (on average) more than a month ago. A better index of success is if it has been sustained below 1. If yes, then elected officials can look at cautious reopening. Add that to a lag in reporting when someone dies to when they make the list itself is also not immediate. All of this could be weeks, from getting to dying. 

But should we be surprised that the Liberal media is trying to sell this narrative? The Florida media lies and lies. They reference the experts to camouflage the fact that they don’t understand the numbers very well and then don’t even care if anyone else understands. The Left just wants the views and ratings, despite the 30 million people being financially slaughtered by their headlines.