Party of Tolerance

The left labeling itself as the party of tolerance is exactly like Orwell’s Big Brother declaring that “war is peace,” freedom is slavery,” and “ignorance is strength.”

The left makes simple charges without proof, such as “we are the party of tolerance” or “we are the party of science. Then, right after declaring tolerance as their ethos, they run Brett Kavanaugh and his family through the mud; or, right after declaring science as the supreme guiding light, they say biological men are akin to women if they so declare and therefore need to be allowed to compete athletically against lesser equipped women.

Politically, it’s very smart; by deduction, it reduces conservatives to the party of intolerance and anti-science. In reality, however, their words and phrases are mindless platitudes for a base of mindless voters known as traditional liberals.

And it’s all backward and wrong.

This week, we explore the evidence countering their claim of being the “party of tolerance.” Here is the proof of their lie.

Imagine you are working for the government, in a corporate office, in education, or posting on social media. You make a comment calling out President Trump for his incompetence or in support of Black Lives Matter. How are you received by your employer?

Now, imagine you are in the same setting and ask if Biden could have picked a nicer person as his veep. After all, isn’t a “yuge” complaint against Trump is that he’s vulgar and rude? To me, vulgar and rude seem like compliments compared to how condescending and insincere Harris is as a person. Or, just ask the question if black lives did matter why we are exacerbating the endless bloodbaths in black communities by removing police. Polling of our inner cities certainly suggests that these residents want a strong police presence; according to a recent Gallup poll, 61% want the same level and an astounding 20% want an increased presence. Facts aside, how are you received by your employer?

I’ll answer those for you. In the first case, you are generally celebrated as being brave and nothing happens by management for fear of reprisal by angry mobs. In the second case, you are accused of bigotry by way of sexism and racism. There is a follow-up conversation about your values.

All you need to know is how cancel culture works. Make a statement going against the leftist grain, such as Martina Navratilova did, the pioneering gay activist and women’s rights champion of tennis fame, when she remarked biological men shouldn’t have a place in a woman’s league, and she was effectively ostracised by her very own LGBTQIA+ community. JK Rowling, whose first name would appear to belong on that LGBT acronym, famously made Albus Dumbledore retroactively gay and was celebrated at the time, likewise drew the line on trans issues and now Harry Potter is dead for the left. Gajillionaire Daniel Radcliffe, who owes his life to Rowling’s genius and has done nothing of consequence himself, sold her down the river as soon as he realized he wanted to keep making bad movies as an adult.

Similarly, what happened when black basketballing and white baseballing Christians were the players standing in their leagues on opening weeks? Were their Christian values upheld and respected? No, and just the opposite. Both authors condemned the players for misusing their religion and questioned their sincerity, maturity, social awareness, and religiosity in general. There are special places in hell for people that write such filth.

Tolerant? Of other ideas? Since when?

A quick Google or DuckDuckGo search of “White People Fired” produces a litany of news reports from both famous and non-famous whites fired for no other reason than voicing an opinion that challenges the narrative. The white girl in New York who called the police on the black dog owner? Fired. An NBA newscaster who said All Lives Matter? Fired. There’s even this compilation article that appeared right away: Everyone Who’s Lost Their Job During The Racial Reckoning of 2020 by the Daily Beast. The worst-case might be the former soccer player on the L.A. Galaxy whose wife posted an opposing view on leftist groupthink on Instagram. His wife. Ergo, he had to be fired. For the record, he’s not American born, so was it xenophobic to fire him? Someone help explain the rules.

We know it’s fair game to criticize Trump. That is obvious. For comparison, what criticism was allowed of Obama during his disastrous and divisive tenure? I recall being branded a racist for simply suggesting his policies might be counterproductive and at times harmful.

There are countless other examples of leftist intolerance. As mentioned, nothing stands out more vividly in the past few years than the treatment of the good and decent man, father, husband, American, and legal mind than Brett Kavanaugh. By any honest account, he has spent his entire adult life pursuing excellence and truth. His one mistake? Adhering to the founding principles outlined in the Constitution.

For that reason, he and his family endured weeks of endless character assassination by the left, based all on lies (prelude to the party of science!), during his Supreme Court nomination. In truth, it had nothing to do with his character – which is impeachable – and had everything to do with his politics.

The next time someone suggests to you that Democrats are more tolerant, ask them about the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh as opposed to, say, Elena Kagan, during their Senate confirmation hearings.

There are also examples of not only intolerance but blatant elitism that should unnerve anyone. Remember this clip when Don Lemon and his friends ridiculed Trump voters? Do these buffoons seem tolerant of you? Then there was a recent piece in the Atlantic where the author makes a comparison of a movie review to presidential support: “Only 7 percent of critics liked The Emoji Movie, but it has an “audience score” of 44 percent—strikingly similar to Trump’s approval ratings among the professionals and civilians, respectively.”

[embedded content]

Did you catch that? Professionals and civilians. Guess what side they think you’re on. Do either of these examples suggest they think kindly of you or accept your worldview?

It gets worse. All of these examples have been from useful idiots in digital and print media; it goes all the way to the top. We voted in one intolerant elitist, who in 2008 and in reference to Midwest voters, said “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” We almost voted in another elitist, who said in 2016 that half of her opponent’s voters could be put in a “basket of deplorables.”

These people are grotesque, and yet somehow working chumps that make minimum wage think they are out to support them. But Trump is awful how? He speaks like a regular guy? He exaggerates in his speeches? He likes to Tweet?

With Trump in office, I do not worry for a second that I will lose any God-given and uniquely American rights and privileges under his leadership. With the class of selfish and intolerant elitists, I fear everything good about America could disappear. How do you not?

If you value tolerance and vote Democrat, you are not only hypocritical, but you are enabling the destruction of America. Full stop.

Next week, the “party of science” claim. Stay tuned.

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