Tom Cotton Confident Trump Will Peacefully Transfer Power in 2025


Cotton addressed the Democrat and left-wing news media allegation that President Trump will refuse to leave the White House if defeated in November’s election. He described the federal government’s ostensible investigation of alleged Russian political interference in 2016’s election as the Obama administration’s sabotaging of the peaceful transition of power to the 45th president.

“This is once again the Democrats projecting,” said Cotton. “Barack Obama and his team often lauded George Bush and the Bush administration for having a model transition in late 2008 [and early] 2009. Suffice to say they did not repay the favor to Donald Trump. Rather, they sicced the Department of Justice and the FBI on him and his senior advisers — trying to set up prosecution traps for them, trying to undermine the peaceful transition of power in 2017.”

Cotton noted that Democrats are signaling their plans to peacefully accept Trump’s second term if the president is reelected.

Cotton recalled, “Hillary Clinton and others have been telling Joe Biden, ‘Do not concede. It will be illegitimate. There is no scenario in which Donald Trump can legitimately win this election.'”


Cotton address the “Transition Integrity Project,” a left-wing organization billing itself as concerned about how the Trump Administration “may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and transition process.”

Cotton said, “It was put together by a bunch of anti-Trumpers. It reads like resistance fan fiction, but it was a well-done tabletop exercise about various post-election scenarios post-election, and they had serious Democrats role-playing.”

“I think it was John Podesta that role-played the Biden campaign, and much to the organizers’ surprise, John Podesta chose not to concede for the Biden campaign and, in fact, began to urge California, Oregon, and Washington to secede and form the Republic of Cascadia unless Donald Trump and the Republicans yielded ground,” recalled Cotton. “Once again, this is the Democrats and their media wing engaged in resistance fan fiction [and] projecting what they have done and what they plan to do onto the president and his supporters.”

Democrats are using the coronavirus outbreak to undermine election security measures under the guise of public health and safety, Cotton stated. He noted that removal of election security measures has been a Democrat goal for years.

“Democrats, in general, have long wanted to make it mandatory to mail out ballots and to substantially lower the standards for fraud [prevention], so the coronavirus gives them new grounds to argue we should do that.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA)’s advancement of H.R. 1 — dubbed the For the People Act — is a “radical election law,” which includes legislation to remove photo identification and signature verification as election security measures, Cotton explained.

Cotton said, “[H.R. 1] would prohibit not only photo identification; it would prohibit signature verification. That was introduced in January of 2019, so this is a long-standing goal of the Democratic Party to federalize elections and to eliminate election security measures. The coronavirus just gives them more opportunity to argue for it.”

H.R. 1 amounts to “universal unsolicited mail-out balloting in which ballots are just dumped at every home where a registered voter once lived,” Cotton stated.

Marlow asked about developments to fill the Supreme Court vacancy opened by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Cotton replied, “I expect the president will announce an outstanding nominee tomorrow afternoon, and the Republican majority of the Senate will move forward promptly and without delay, and I expect the Senate will confirm that nominee before the election on November 3.”

Cotton concluded by noting that Democrats’ political threats against their detractors and promises to their base of supporters are one and the same.

“[Democrats’] threats — to pack the court, or to pack the Senate by making Washington, DC, a state or eliminate the electoral college or to grant amnesty and immediate voting rights to 15 million illegal immigrants — are not threats the Democrats are just now making,” warned Cotton. “They are promises the Democrats have been making to their own voters for months and months and months.”

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