Trump Slams de Blasio’s Crackdown of NY Jews: ‘What Does this Grim Picture Remind You Of?’


“Wow, what does this grim picture remind you of? I am the only thing in the Radical Left’s way! VOTE,” the president wrote in a tweet on Wednesday.

He linked to a video posted by actor James Woods, a vocally pro-Trump conservative, in which the actor attacked de Blasio as an “anti-Semite thug piece of shit” and appeared to suggest Jews in New York were facing the same persecution faced by Jews at the hands of the Nazis.

“Rounding up the Jews” is an optic that I would never have expected to see in my American lifetime. DeBlasio is a criminal. No wonder he changed his name from Wilhelm. He is an anti-Semite thug piece of shit,” Woods wrote of the mayor, who changed his name from Warren Wilhelm because of a strained relationship with his father.

Hundreds of Orthodox Jews took to the streets, blocking traffic and setting fire to masks to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s threat to close synagogues unless they adhere to new coronavirus restrictions.

“I have to say to the Orthodox community tomorrow, ‘If you’re not willing to live with these rules, then I’m going to close the synagogues,” Cuomo said, later adding that he would say the same to “black ministers.”