Why do so many Americans, and especially Black Americans, think there’s an epidemic of cops killing blacks? The answer is one word – Media.

White Cop Kills White Man” does not generate clicks or views. “Another Black Man Killed by White Cops” stirs controversy and gas lights emotions, racism sells, and maximizes advertisement revenue. “Black on Black crime epidemic” may be the truth, but that headline is not profitable. The media consistently engages in the omission of officer-involved shootings when the victim is white, blanketing their airwaves covering officer-involved shootings when the victim is black, but never distinguish between justified and unjustified shootings and always framing it as police brutality. The media complex is conscious of the manipulation, and its participants sleep well at night. But how can that be?

Well, while media was the answer above, the why media is the correct reply is far more complex. The distilled version goes something like this – overwhelming numbers within the media complex share an ideological view that aligns with the American left political party, thus functions as both the protector and defender of the left, as well as the Democrat Party’s Pravda. The energy expended running interference for inquiries into why democrat run cities for decades have horrific stats for minority communities is the media’s mission, as well as feeding propaganda designed to create a false dichotomy and sense of victim-hood. Victims tend to seek to place blame, and a campaign waged 24/7 to divide and polarize Americans serves to hide the perpetrators in clear sight. This cynical herding of Americans into this camp against the other camp along racial and class lines serve to foment the rage required for the Media/DNC agenda of transformation change, called by any other name, yet still the Marxist Communist Revolution.

So imagine what happens if the very group of people you have constructed an effective hide and seek the truth model suddenly grasp what is real and fact? Prager U’s, Will Witt, engaged three young black men by teeing up the premise of our original question. Observe the red – pill moment:

[embedded content]

Watching this video reminded this Right Wire Report author of this video:

The video was contained within an article written on that 5 yr old black girl by this author in an attempt to make a profound point, read here.

Recently, President Trump sat down for an interview with CBS, where he was asked by Catherine Herridge the following question, “Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?” The president responded, “So are white people, so are white people, what a terrible question to ask, more white people by the way.” Right Wire Report agrees with the president that the question was despicable. Is the inference from Herridge that because of Mr. Floyd’s tragic death, police should refrain from protecting themselves if a perpetrator puts their lives in danger if that perpetrator is black? This is after all the only way to ensure no African Americans die at the hands of law enforcement as long as some African Americans resist arrest and pull guns or other weapons on police during interactions. Observe how the media packages the president’s comments having to admit his statement is factual but labeling it a distortion.CBS goes to great lengths here to convince the audience that despite Trump’s statements, the narrative is still credible that law enforcement is systemically racist and hunt down black men. Watching the entire video informs the slant and bias on all things Trump, but the pertinent section starts at around the three-minute mark:

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It is irrational to claim that the unarmed black men shot by police annually are an alarming number or that it proportionately is alarming due to population stat. Documented facts prove there are exponentially more police interactions with the black population-related directly to where and who is committing the most violent crime. Read more about this here and here. Police brutality and systemic racism are the loudest “woke” false narratives the left and media allies feed minorities at present, but there are a host of others. Right Wire Report has tackled others herehere, and here.

The awakening of those Americans still under the spell of a corrupt media and political class is an important step towards saving and revitalizing our great Republic. But this great feat cannot be accomplished unless we can forge a bond between the majority of citizens, unify and defeat the common enemy communism which flourishes while ignorance is so prevalent among us. Black Americans, like metal, are integral in this rise from weakness to strength and crucial to holding our structural bonds as a country going forward (E Pluribus Unum). The enlightenment of Blacks to the con that the left has played on them for decades is the true path forward if one is to be on the right side of history.

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Right Wire Report contends it is not enough for a few red-pilled black Americans to preach to white liberals or get woke by a few whites either. To rely on this being enough will yield more 5 yr olds indoctrinated to believe dangerous premises that just are not reality. Black Americans need to infect their communities, their families, and friends with red pills they now know to be the gospel truth, and spread speaking truth to power like wildfire. Burn up the misguided rage, the proverbial chains of ignorance that hold back independence, and come to stand, hand in hand, with those Americans just like them – who value freedom over tyranny.

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