Twitter Removes Meme Shared by Trump Campaign that Superimposed President’s Head on 49ers Player


The play happened in the first quarter of the Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and the Eagles. Brandon Aiyuk, a rookie receiver for the 49ers, made an especially athletic play when he leaped over Eagles defender Marcus Epps on his way to scoring a touchdown.

In the meme, Trump’s head is superimposed on Aiyuk and the coronavirus is superimposed on Epps. The meme then concluded with the popular video of the protester screaming at Trump’s 2016 inauguration.

Here is the play from the game:

However, the act of sharing the video apparently triggered some copyright violations.

“Hours later, though, Twitter removed the video ‘in response to a report by the copyright owner,’ USA Today Sports reported. “It’s unclear which party — the league, one of the two teams, or ITV — reported the issue.”

Neither the 49ers, the NFL, nor the Trump Campaign, responded to USA Today’s request for comment.