The Centers for Disease Control blew a massive hole in the two-year running deception on the need for universal vaccination.

The CDC released a ‘bombshell’ report on natural immunity, conveniently one day after the Supreme Court ruled that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for large employers should remain blocked.

Now, I use the term ‘bombshell’ euphemistically, because honest brokers of the Science have known about and reported on natural immunity for almost two years now. Prior to Covid, it wasn’t necessary. You certainly did not need to lecture practicing doctors about the immunological effects of prior infection to viruses. They would merely give you a dull look, nod with feigned interest, and proceed to take your temperature.

Yet Big Pharma and the radical left’s fraudulent “consensus” model of science are now exerting an iron grip on our institutions, leading to a kind of “mass formation psychosis.” This is social science jargon for the cult-like groupthink that has cast a hypnotic spell over much of America — particularly in neofascist blue states.

Big Pharma captured regulators. Democratic Party captured media. Surveillance state captured Tech Giants.

This is how America got ‘captured.’

So, in order to perpetuate their Svengali trick on the masses, it is necessary to act as if the events in our lives and communities are happening in a vacuum. Comparison is the micro-managing technocrat’s worst enemy. This is why Least Coast and Left Coast charlatans have relentlessly attacked mask-shucking states like Florida and Texas. If you can’t ignore it — smear it.

Suffice it to say, the Covid hustlers refuse to admit that every place that does not have their extreme measures have had the exact same experience as the one that do. Free states exist. Control groups exist. It must be such a nuisance for the totalitarian masterminds.

Thus, whether it’s the massive protests in Europe against vaccine passes and mandates, or the much more reliable data on Covid reported in the U.K., the mainstream media in the U.S. appear to go by the maxim: If it didn’t happen here, then it didn’t happen.

But there is something that did happen. And it did not happen here.

The U.K.’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA), had the gall to issue a report that echoes much of the CDC’s findings.

Here, it shows that those with prior infections to Covid in the Delta period in particular were much less likely to test positive for Covid infections than those in the vaccinated group.

It also shows vaccines on the whole had little to know effect on Covid positivity rates, unless one had a second vaccine within 15 to 90 days or a third vaccine more than 14 days prior. (So again, we see the moving of the goalposts to cover Big Pharma’s rear on potential adverse events to the third shot).

The former ONS head of Health & Job stats, Jamie Jenkins, reacted to the findings.

?? Breaking – new ONS stats show the likelihood of testing positive for #Covid19 is lowest for those with a prior infection vs someone never infected.

➡️ Prior infection offers better protection vs never infected when compared to someone boosted vs someone not vaccinated.

— Jamie Jenkins (@statsjamie) January 19, 2022

“Breaking – new ONS stats show the likelihood of testing positive for #Covid19 is lowest for those with a prior infection vs someone never infected,” Jenkins said.

“Prior infection offers better protection vs never infected when compared to someone boosted vs someone not vaccinated,” he added.

The UKHSA report also shows that nearly the entire population of Great Britain has some form of antibodies to Covid-19.

In the United States, the media barely mention the existence of antibodies, never mind ask for seroprevalence in the general population.

Here were the death rates by “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” groups.

You can see that the death rates for under 40 are very low or negligible. Again, we see the same shell game where all possible deaths from vaccine-related adverse events are conflated with Covid-related deaths.

The U.K.’s Office of National Statistics also released a report that contained some blockbuster findings of its own, particularly on Covid testing and the masking of schoolchildren.

Right off the bat, the ONS notes that people who have been vaccinated are more likely to test positive for Covid than those with prior infections.

“Our latest data for the fortnight ending 31 December 2021 show similar conclusions to our last publication, namely”:

those who reported receiving one of any coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines 15 to 90 days ago, a second Pfizer vaccine 15 to 180 days ago, or any three vaccinations (including booster vaccinations) were all less likely to test positive than those who are not vaccinated; however, these effects are smaller than what we have seen previously
those who had previously been infected with COVID-19 continued to be less likely to test positive than those who had not, however this effect was smaller than we have seen in the past
those who were previously infected during the period when Delta was dominant were even less likely to test positive again than those infected in the Alpha dominant or pre-Alpha period¹

The ONS then goes into the testing demographics. It then explains why this is different and why it matters.

People who had received any one COVID-19 vaccine, a second Pfizer vaccine 15 to 180 days ago, or any three COVID-19 vaccines (including boosters) were all less likely to test positive. However, there was no statistical evidence that having any other second vaccine (AstraZeneca, Moderna, or a second Pfizer vaccine more than 180 days ago) affected a person’s likelihood of testing positive in the fortnight ending 31 December 2021. This is different to findings reported previously, which found that those who had received two of any COVID-19 vaccine were less likely to test positive than those who were not vaccinated, regardless of time after the second dose.

Below you can see the difference in likelihood for testing positive for Covid reinfection by variant period.

There was also some very interesting mask data provided, although the ONS doesn’t advertise the implications.

It’s no wonder the U.K. is dropping all mask mandates and don’t mask children in school. There is still no strong statistical evidence the oppressive measures work.

The ONS points out that on the likelihood scale, adults who self-report “never” wearing masks in enclosed spaces have a slightly hire risk of Covid infection.

However, as one can plainly see, the results are the same or less nearly across the board for the “never” and “sometimes” wearers versus the “always” wearers. In fact, it shows clearly that school age children who “never” wear a mask (most of the children in the U.K. as might shock some reporters) have a lower incidence of Covid than those who “always” or “sometimes” wear them.

All the trauma and angst being forced upon children in the United States. And for nothing. How many times do we need to see such data before the mask hustlers get the gist?

When will America’s school administrators and public health officials acknowledge that the country’s schoolchildren are being needlessly harmed for their parents germaphobic virtue-signaling? It is astounding that millions of kids can be subjected to such oppressive measures with no sound science or hard data to back them up.

Even the Surgeon General admitted that such measures are exacerbating the childhood mental health crisis. They are scarring these children for a generation, and unless they course correct now, it seems to be on purpose. It’s no less than a crime against humanity.