Video: Michael Rapaport to Trump — ‘I’m Not Here to Mock’ … You ‘Obese Fat F**k’


Early on Friday, the White House reported that the president and first lady Melania Trump both tested positive. That testing came on the tail of reports that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks had tested positive hours earlier. Rapaport wasted no time to launch into yet another invective and profanity-filled Twitter tirade.

“You mean you tested positive for the ‘China Virus aka The Kung Flu,'” Micahel Rapaport captioned the tweet with the video. “I’m not worried about you d-kstain Donald Trump because like you said, ‘it affects virtually no one’ and sometimes it just disappears,” the Atypical and White Famous star said.

Watch below:

“I’m sure they’ll put a presidential stamp on a ventilator for you and if that doesn’t work, a hydroxychloroquine. You said you were already taking hydroxychloroquine which obviously doesn’t work as a preventative but maybe it’ll work now. I don’t know how that stuff works,” Rapaport’s rant continued.

“If all that fails Donald Trump, bleach it the f-k out. You inject the bleach into your skin,” he guffawed, adding, “then you go into some warm light. Maybe a tanning bed. I’m sure you have a tanning bed at the White House…you and Melania look like you’re always tanned…Anyways I’m wishing you well and I’m just being sarcastic. Get well soon d-kstain fuck.”

Rapaport is but one of dozens of celebrities mocking the president’s positive COVID-19 test result. Hollywood figures including Michael Moore, Bradly Whitford, Dominic West, and action star Dave Bautista all were quick to bash the president.

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