Black Lives Matter Bus

It was only a matter of time before the legend of the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger came tumbling down. Not her legacy, mind you, just her legend. In the world of the Left, the omission of her name from a New York building satisfies non-cerebral urges to feel good without having to do any actual good. Did she advocate for the abortion of disabled, poor, immigrant, and black babies? Umm, let’s keep doing that, but make sure her name isn’t associated with the organization anymore!

Chalk up the realization of Sanger’s status as persona non grata among Black Lives Matter circles as a resounding victory for progress. After all, she has been dead for 54 years and we finally did it. Obviously, Democrats and the Left don’t have any pending plans to abort her own baby, Planned Parenthood, any time soon. Quite the opposite; business is booming, with the organization raking in over $600 million in federal monies in 2018. That same year the 501(c)(3) – meaning it is tax-exempt – performed almost 350,000 abortions and aborted black babies at astounding disproportionality. Despite the entire black population consisting of just 14% of the overall American population, black women were responsible for just under 30% of all abortions performed nationwide.

You might get to legally decide if you want it, but I get to decide if you’re insane for calling it a baby with infinite worth when you want it and a gross by-product when you don’t.

At any rate, consider this the latest feel-good victory in a string of highlights of ongoing leftist moral vapidity. Who cares about outcomes when intentions reign supreme? Just consider the long list of non-accomplishments we have witnessed lately on the march to racial healing we seek as a result of a manufactured racial divide. Ahh, America.

Finger Painting on Streets

Nothing says “I care about black people” more than bright yellow paint on public streets. It’s too-perfect timing; I was just having conversations with an intimate circle of friends about solutions for solving black-on-black crime, intergenerational poverty, scary-low math and reading proficiency among students, depressing high school graduation rates, welfare recipiency rates, high black criminal activity that leads to high black imprisonment, and we asked aloud why no one had taken action on this street art idea yet.

Lo and behold, someone was listening! Maybe it was our Alexa app, but that’s ok. Our idea got out to Democrats, probably by way of an Amazon-NSA link, and then suddenly we solved all of those big-ticket issues like homicide, violent crime, and breakdown of families. It’s like a surreal version of Mary Poppins, where instead of Dick Van Dyke whisking us away to a fantasy world via his pastoral creations, we got the street art but were already in the fantasy. Art equals peace, yay!

Whatever, as long as it stops shootings.

What’s that? Violent crime is ballooning in the very same cities where this is happening? New York has witnessed how much more homicide this summer? How is that possible – they all wore masks and painted with brooms in front of Trump Tower? We need another solution.

Hating on the National Anthem

I am still holding out that street painting will catch on; it will eventually be our generation’s version of Gulag Archipelago. I mean, Solzhenitsyn’s confinement to Soviet death camps is almost the same as what American blacks face on a daily basis, what with their homes, cars, medical care, modern conveniences in general, and daily freedoms. His work opened our eyes to the true terror of Soviet oppression, much the same way that yellow paint can call attention to…something?

Well, if street billboards don’t work, we could always try despising a song that represents freedom, liberty, opportunity, and world peace. Blacks don’t need or like that stuff. All white fluff, if you ask me.

Has the out-of-wedlock birth rate dropped since a few NFL players started disrespecting the flag and country? I know a few of them kneeled really hard, so maybe.

Be that as it may, I expected a slow roll between kneeling and results. It was only a few of them at first, so that’s like Obi-Wan and Annakin fighting their way out of the Geonosian stadium. Sure, they were defeating some bad guys, but they were heavily outnumbered and the tide of the battle didn’t really turn until Yoda arrived with the clones and rest of the Jedi. We just need a few more NFL players, and maybe some women’s soccer or baseball players to join the cause.

Oh, but they are all kneeling now? Is it working? I know before Kaepernick began his money-making venture of hating on capitalism – hold up, Disney is paying him how much??? – black kids were caught in daily crossfires and funeral homes were being targeted. Hopefully, that stopped then, right? Are black students being accepted in colleges just on their merit now? That would be progress, too. None of that has happened? They might need to virtue signal harder. They should try…

Blaring a Black National Anthem

Yes! Who needs a stale two-hundred-year-old poem written by a white guy about defying the odds against the tyranny that raises goose pimples at the Olympics for all Americans when you can have a song that only targets 14% of the population? I always said a national anthem should be divisive and selective about who it inspires. We play Canada’s national anthem sometimes in America already; it only stands to reason that we should play a former slave soul song. And listen, if Hispanics want to declare a national anthem, too, they represent 18% of the population, which proportionally means they are more deserving anyways. It should probably be in Spanish and include the word “gringo” at some point. I think that might have the additional benefit of solving MS-13 problems, too.

Since the NFL announced this additional anthem, have we been able to corroborate that student achievement has increased in schools? Oh wait, Democrats want to keep schools closed indefinitely. Indefinitely or just until after the election? Anyways, scratch that. What about the reunification of nuclear families? I realize the Smithsonian declared nuclear families as a symptom of whiteness and that Black Lives Matter seeks the dissolution of the Eurocentric nuclear family model as well, but in fairness, studies do show that children raised in two-parent homes are less likely to grow up in poverty, have increased cognitive functioning, perform better in school, are more emotionally adjusted, and have greater outcomes in life. Shoot, there’s that word again. Outcomes. I got away from myself there for a second.

By the way, has any player actually given up a paycheck? Have they ever done a ride-along with a cop? Have they invited a poor black family into their home for dinner? Come to think of it, maybe they should invite a white family into their home and realize whites aren’t all that bad. Even better, they could invite a police officer over for dinner! And they thought Sidney Poitier eating with Katherine Hepburn was antagonistic.

I know it won’t happen, but will a black player kneel for this anthem too when police shootings don’t stop? I am no Democrat wishing America plagues and death and economic ruin just to get a president they can’t control out of office, but I also live in reality. America will always have police killings, and inevitably some of those fatalities will be blacks. Not because cops are evil, racist pigs; rather, because they encounter people who just don’t want to play by society’s rules. Also, what if a white player decides enough is enough and kneels to protest the fact that more whites are killed by police than blacks every year? I don’t see that ending well.

Showing Your Lady Parts

This discussion has been very male-centered, and we need to remember that women can have a voice too. Do you know what loudly protests against perceived black oppression? Genitalia. You may have been thinking to yourself, why haven’t more women exposed themselves in the middle of the night in the midst of violent rioting?

And you would be right. We haven’t explored all options in combating systemic racism. That proud-parent moment in Portland just a few days ago, when a narcissistic nudist fought the power by disrobing in front of police, made gigantic strides against societal inequalities and unseen barriers for black people.

The day after she sat her bare buttocks on the cold pavement, I was dialing up friends in Chicago and shared my optimism for a bloodless weekend. Did you know single white women are the best at protesting erroneous statistics on police brutality? My friend thought I was being sexist, what with women and numbers and all, but I insisted I wasn’t. It’s not about women, liberal men believe it, too! I was just observing there were more angry women than men at these things. No, and that wasn’t a dig at women’s emotions. It’s tough to unpack imagined racism when perceived sexism gets in the way.

Any day, we should expect the end of systemic racism and police brutality. Look at everything the Left is doing! Between paint, anthems, and nakedness, I would be hard-pressed to not suggest we are just a few weeks out, at most. These are good things happening. If we could just make sure black melanin is the default emoji skin tone, then we’d really be close.

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