Watch: CNN’s John Berman Demands Producer Not Show Trump Taking Off Mask — ‘Please Take It Off Because That’s Going to Kill People’


CNN “New Day” host John Berman on Tuesday reacted to President Donald Trump taking off his mask when he returned to the White House from the hospital Monday evening.

As Berman started to discuss Trump removing his mask, he noticed producers were playing the clip of the president taking it off. He then urged his producer to take down the video of Trump because it is “going to kill people.”

“Friends, there is so much to talk about this morning,” Berman said to a panel. “Obviously, we will discuss the president’s health over the course of the show, but this morning I think the bigger concern is for the public health, Dr. Hotez. And we’re looking at 210,000 Americans dead, we’re seeing a rise in new daily cases, and the president, in that Sunset Boulevard gesture, whipped his mask off in front of the American people on the nightly news last night. So, as a doctor whose job it is — you know, take it off! Don’t even put it on the screen. Please take it off because that’s going to kill people, Dr. Hotez, and I want to know what you thought when you saw that last night.”

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