WATCH: Colin Kaepernick’s Madden 21 Touchdown Celebration Is a Black Power Fist


Kaepernick’s end zone celebration can be seen as he scores a touchdown for the Bears in this clip.

The company celebrated Kaepernick’s return with a tweet and statement on Tuesday.

In addition to customizing Kaepernick’s own end zone celebration, EA Sports also gave Kaepernick a QB rating higher than half the league despite not having played for over three years. It’s unknown which button makes Kaepernick kneel during the anthem, but there definitely should be one.

Kaepernick is being brought back into the popular NFL video game despite reportedly not receiving any interest from NFL teams and no requests for workouts. Players not named Kaepernick who have not played for over three years and have received no interest from teams, are not given their own customized touchdown celebrations or even included in video games.

But hey, its Kaepernick.

The NFL season kicks off on Thursday when the Chiefs take on the Texans.