White House Physician: President Donald Trump Reports No COVID-19 Symptoms


“This morning the President’s team of physicians met with him in the residence,” the memo from Conley read. “He had a restful first night at home, and today he reports no symptoms.”

Conley said the president’s vital signs and physical exam remained stable, with an ambulatory oxygen saturation level between 95 and 97 percent.

“Overall he continues to do extremely well,” Conley concluded. “I will provide updates as we know more.”

The president returned home from Walter Reed hospital Monday night after spending the weekend being treated for the virus.

Doctors will monitor his ongoing recovery for the next several days.

“We’re looking to this weekend, if we can get through to Monday, with him remaining the same or improving better yet, then we will all take that final sigh of relief,” Conley told reporters on Monday afternoon.