Yale Official Tells Students Their Dorms Will Look More Like a ‘Hospital Unit’


According to a report by the Yale Daily News, officials at Yale offered drastically different responses this week to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Laurie Santos, a Yale psychology professor and residence hall head, told students in an email that they should prepare to watch their peers die from coronavirus.

“We all should be emotionally prepared for widespread infections — and possibly deaths — in our community,” Santos wrote. “You should emotionally prepare for the fact that your residential college life will look more like a hospital unit than a residential college.”

However, Yale researcher A. David Patiel acknowledged that college-aged students are unlikely to face serious health ramifications if they contract the virus. Patiel pointed out that students can still spread the virus to vulnerable members of the Yale community.

You don’t plan a safety net that can only be as strong as what you think it’s going to have to withstand. It does trouble me that many colleges out there are doing the absolute minimum, banking on the planets to align and hoping against hope that everything that could go wrong will go right. I don’t think that’s any way to treat our kids, or the staff, the custodians, the dining hall workers, the person who works at the Starbucks on Chapel Street — there’s a much broader community of people who could potentially be harmed if something were to go awry.

Breitbart News reported last week that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suspended in-person classes after a spike in coronavirus cases. In the week after students arrived on campus, the positive test rate rose from around three percent to near 14 percent.

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