The Best Places to Go Swimming in Hong Kong

Hong Kong may not immediately spring to mind as an ideal location for swimming, but this city does boast some amazing water spots – from rooftop pools at ultra-luxe hotels to natural infinity ponds on mountain sides – offering great places for swimming enthusiasts to visit in Hong Kong. Here are a few of the top places where swimmers can find refuge.

Make time to visit one of Hong Kong’s gorgeous pools after a day of sightseeing and shopping to unwind and recharge! But make sure that before visiting any, check the entrance fee first; typically a single entry will set you back around HK$17 on weekdays and HK$19 on weekends; full-time students, seniors or those living with disabilities may qualify for discounted access by purchasing a public swimming pool monthly ticket.

W Hotel Hong Kong features an eye-catching rooftop pool made entirely of glass that allows swimmers to gaze upon Hong Kong from above while doing laps. In summer months, this spot also hosts stylish poolside parties; or take a dip into their Jacuzzi!

Hotel Asaya features an incredible 25-meter outdoor pool for guests to enjoy, situated on the sixth floor. Offering guests ample deck space to lounge by day or night and take in its beautiful views. When thirsty, the poolside bar provides tasty snacks and refreshments from Alaskan King Crab Rolls to Strawberry Mirlitons!

With four swimming pools – main, teaching, diving and leisure – this public pool offers plenty of fun for guests of all ages. Additionally, guests can experience thrilling waterslides and water shooters for maximum fun during their time here! Open from April until the end of October.

At this modern, multi-purpose aquatics centre in downtown Hong Kong lies a leisure pool and 50-metre swimming pool equipped with an underwater music system, in addition to offering water play areas for children, sauna and steam room services and an aquatic play area for them! Offering such an abundance of facilities makes this pool the perfect spot to spend a relaxing and enjoyable day with family or friends!

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