The HK Prize – A prestigious Award That Recognises Individuals Who Advance World Civilisation

The Hong Kong Prize is an annual competition that honors individuals who contribute to world civilisation and foster harmony within society. Previous recipients have included selfless volunteers assisting homeless people and scientists developing liquid biopsy technology for faster cancer diagnoses. If you want to win this prestigious award, make sure you read all rules and regulations thoroughly before entering – not only could finalists receive cash awards but they could also receive shopping vouchers and F&B benefits!

This prize is open to all secondary school students enrolled in Hong Kong and requires nomination by teachers. Once nominated, students can submit their entries online before the submission deadline and will then undergo an international panel of judges’ judging process – shortlisted students may then attend workshops and discussions before finally being announced at an awards ceremony in June 2024.

Art is an effective means of creating dialogue and reflection across cultural divides. Hosted by Justice Centre Hong Kong with support from EU Office Hong Kong/Macao/Goethe-Institut and the Hong Kong Foundation for Arts, The “Colours of Humanity” Art Prize celebrates diversity and inclusion through thought-provoking panels, an award night, and charitable auction that benefit Justice Centre’s work for displaced people.

For those seeking an engaging experience, the HK Prize has announced they are introducing a live webstream of their award ceremony. Viewers worldwide can tune in from home or mobile device and watch free-of-charge. Participants can post questions and share thoughts via a comment section during this interactive experience.

The Hong Kong Prize is an prestigious award that celebrates individuals advancing world civilisation and inspiring others towards creating an harmonious society. Past recipients have included activists fighting for freedom and democracy despite facing arrest, as well as scientists developing lifesaving medicines. This year’s nominations include five imprisoned pro-democracy leaders whose activism has been declared illegal under new national security laws.

Contrary to most literary awards, the Hong Kong prize is open to writers of all genres and backgrounds. Submissions are evaluated by a panel of judges with an extensive knowledge of Hong Kong culture and history, to ensure winners reflect both its rich intellectual legacy while remaining forward-thinking and relevant to contemporary issues.

Winners of the Hong Kong Prize will receive a cash prize, trophy and publishing contract with SAGE. Runners-up may also have their work published in Hong Kong Studies by SAGE and may even qualify for further research or creative funding opportunities. Since 2012, this prestigious Asian prize has been run by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; making it one of the most coveted awards.