Hong Kong Pools

Hong Kong may be famous for shopping, but it also boasts stunning swimming pools that will take your breath away. From rooftop pools with breathtaking cityscape views to sleek modern pools like The Mira Hong Kong’s sleek modern pool which features a purple ceiling lit to mimic starry night skies; day passes can even be purchased to take advantage of The Mira’s pool as well as other wellness services such as sauna, steam bath Jacuzzis and aromatherapy showers – Hong Kong truly is home to something for everyone.

Many of Hong Kong’s pools were constructed during the 1960s and 70s when funds from Hong Kong Jockey Club were donated for their construction. As a result, numerous triangular-shaped pools with spectator stands at either end were created across the city; others had glass walls for added beauty or were covered completely – many older pools have since been torn down to make way for newer facilities.

During the 2017 typhoon, some pools were closed due to fears that their water may contain vomit or faeces from residents, prompting fears that some may reopen afterward and the LCSD announced that inspections of swimming pools will increase to ensure their safety for public use.

The Ritz Carlton Pool on the 118th Floor of the International Commerce Center offers an unforgettable experience, with its striking Roman-inspired design complemented by statuesque columns to create an opulent and luxurious palatial environment. Lounge in their indoor pool for some sunbathing or try their mesmerising outdoor pool complete with its breathtaking 28 meter slide that resembles a waterfall for even more thrills and spills!

Bride’s Pool in Tai Mei Tuk stands out as another extraordinary destination, consisting of waterfalls and pools connected by nature trails that can be reached via hiking. Hiking to this crystal-clear water body is an enjoyable activity in its surrounding region.

Le Meridien Hotel and Spa’s pool offers both beauty and an effective workout. This exquisite outdoor pool boasts breathtaking views of South Hong Kong’s lush hills, while offering physical relief through whirlpool bathing or sauna sessions to ease physical strain after your workout session. Additionally, its impressive facilities can be enjoyed by members of their spa club.