What Is the Hongkong Prize?

hongkong prize

The Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards and draws thousands of applicants annually. This competition recognizes and rewards students’ academic accomplishments as well as extracurricular involvement. Furthermore, this prize encourages individuals to explore their passion and foster global perspectives.

Contest winners receive cash prizes and other perks for winning, such as certificates from the committee and letter thanking them for their work at award ceremonies and networking with fellow authors. However, some rules must be observed to maintain the integrity of this award such as upholding high moral standards while remaining independent from sponsorship or ad-hoc committees.

Whoever wishes to enter the Hongkong Prize can do so from any country with access to an internet connection and computer. They should visit the official website and speak with one of the representatives to learn about its rules. This will enable them to avoid any potential issues and have more success during competition.

Scientists who wish to submit work for consideration for the Hongkong Prize must make sure it satisfies a number of criteria. Submissions must consist of either clinical trials (prospective and retrospective), observational, epidemiological or biostatistical research that meets certain standards; they cannot include reviews or letters to editors as these do not qualify. Furthermore, all submissions must be first-authored.

Hongkong prize winners not only enjoy financial awards, but they also gain international exposure and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities and have the chance to collaborate with local scientists and students – an opportunity which helps advance their careers and expand horizons of success.

Winners of the Hongkong Prize are honored at an awards ceremony and presented with their monetary prize, certificate, and letter from the committee expressing thanks for winning. Additionally, shopping vouchers and access to Hong Kong research facilities may be awarded.

The Hongkong Prize is an annual non-governmental award designed to recognize outstanding works in Hong Kong. Selected by an eminent committee made up of experts from different fields both locally and overseas, it recognizes individual or groups whose works have made innovative contributions to science within Hong Kong; applicants must also show strong dedication towards furthering humanity through their work. Applicants who do not win may still present their work at a ceremony and will have the chance to network with fellow scientists and students alike.