What is the Sdy Prize?

sdy prize

A Sdy Prize is a university award given to students who have excelled in their units of study, celebrating their achievements while providing financial aid or networking opportunities that may assist with future career goals. Sdy prizes also encourage other students to work harder toward meeting their goals; before considering one as an option for consideration, students should consult their universities first to assess which options may be available to them.

The Sdy Prize honors Viktor “sdy” Orudjev, one of Monte’s team players from last year. Sdy is one of the greatest gamers ever and his hard work and devotion have led to numerous victories and championship titles – an inspiration to other gamers! His incredible work ethic shows just how committed Sdy truly is to the game despite facing immense adversities along his journey.

In 2023, Sdy managed to compete in 44 official tournaments – both open and closed qualification tournaments – playing 163 maps overall despite his job, living situation and class schedule. Furthermore, he often played every day without taking breaks for rest or refreshment. This feat was no small feat considering he also maintained his relationship with girlfriend as well.

Sdy’s success led him to win numerous other awards and prizes, and is currently the top-ranked player worldwide. Going forward, Sdy hopes to continue making history within esports.

Established by a bequest from Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts Committee in 1997 to honour Maxwell Arthur as its President from 1895-1912, and awarded annually on recommendation of Professor of Australian Literature and Head of Department to an individual enrolled for Doctor of Philosophy degree who submits an essay that shows exceptional merit within Australian Literature.

On the advice of the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Government, this award recognizes a student who excels at political theory in one calendar year – usually students enrolled in Government 2000 level units specifically focused on political theory.

Established in 2012 by Alan W.M. Mills to encourage philosophical discourse around Time, this prize aims to promote such debate annually by rewarding an undergraduate or postgraduate student for producing the best piece of written work on this topic in the previous year. Ideally this would take the form of Honours coursework or Master’s dissertation in Philosophy related to Scottish topics.