SG Pools, a Responsible Gambling Operator, Turns iShine Cloud Into a Charity Partner

When it comes to winning real money, there are multiple avenues available. Scratch-off tickets, lottery games and bingo offer great chances at big prizes; plus these forms of gambling games can also be enjoyable and provide a chance for real earnings. Before playing these gambling games though, certain details must be considered: firstly ensure the site is safe and secure before placing any bets; for example SG Pools has been in business for over 50 years as a world-class responsible gaming operator that provides a trusted environment where people can gamble while helping combat illegal betting activities that threaten society as a whole – yet another important point must be considered before gambling in Singapore.

The company strives to be a “Company for Good”, and has made this one of its core corporate values. They have established the iShine Cloud charity initiative to leverage their technology infrastructure and IT expertise in order to help charities increase productivity, governance and efficiency – currently onboarding 31 charities with this solution while looking forward to expanding it even further in order to support even more organisations.

SG Pools was established as Singapore’s national lottery and sports betting operator on 23 May 1968. Their aim is to provide a safe, trustworthy environment for people who gamble while channelling any surplus gambling revenues back into supporting community through charitable giving. They were created as an antidote for turbulent and risky gambling scene of 1960s-1970s where illegal bookies formed syndicates to prey upon those afraid to bet independently.

Singapore Pools’ operations have experienced exponential expansion over the years and to meet rising customer expectations, the company needed to expand their IT systems in tandem. To address this challenge, Singapore Pools switched from on-premises applications monitoring system (AMS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), to improve operational performance and create an effortless gambling experience for their customers. OCI provides Singapore Pools visibility into its entire IT landscape as well as automated troubleshooting functionality which halved troubleshooting times significantly.

OCI allows Singapore Pools to monitor multiple applications from one single dashboard and receive automatic alerts – making it easier for their team to identify complex issues when they arise. Furthermore, this solution enables them to run large numbers of applications in an always available and high performance environment, which ensures their betting website stays operational at all times.

The company’s online sportsbook features an expansive range of betting markets and betting types – including football and motor racing – with mobile compatibility for most devices and customer service accessible through email and telephone channels. Their app allows bettors to deposit or withdraw funds instantly and safely while supporting instant payment methods such as bank link/eNETS/cash at its branches – though fees may apply depending on which option chosen.