SGP Pools Signs Deal With IGT to Enhance Its Digital Capabilities

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SGP Pools is an online gambling website which enables its members to place bets on various lottery and casino games, making it an attractive alternative to land-based casinos in Singapore and offering players more flexibility in placing wagers when it suits them. These sites are overseen by Singapore Pools as part of Singapore’s gaming industry and can therefore be trusted.

SGP pools, an electronic form of gaming that has become increasingly popular in Singapore due to taxes and regulations on land-based casinos here, has grown increasingly popular as players opt out of travelling there for gambling. Due to legalization and ease of use, SGP pools have become an attractive alternative. They’re operated by private companies through the internet versus traditional casinos which only operate within certain geographic limits of a nation and require players to physically travel there to take part.

Yeo understands the significance of data security to her company as an IT leader, noting: “[in this time of COVID-19], we must be extra vigilant when it comes to cyber attacks,” she notes. Remote work has further elevated cyber security concerns within their organisation; with some older staff working remotely for the first time ever in their careers. Accordingly, Yeo notes they must be made aware of potential scams quickly so as to report suspicious activities quickly.

To meet customer expectations, SGP Pools has invested significantly in its digital capabilities – upgrading central systems and deploying tools for digital transformation of business operations. Bizzdesign’s Unified Architecture Platform will form the backbone of their new digital infrastructure, enabling SGP pools to find innovative ways of supporting customers while combatting illegal gambling activities.

To further strengthen its IT capabilities, SGP Pools has signed an agreement with IGT to implement a suite of IGT products. IGT’s Aurora Navigator and Data Connector will provide a single view into all lottery apps and back office functions SGP operates while Aurora Anywhere enables external applications to interact with SGP’s core system.

SGP pools anticipates this solution will deliver many advantages for them, such as speedier and more flexible lottery application development; improved player engagement; and helping the company meet regulatory compliance. This will lead to an enhanced experience for both existing and prospective lottery customers, something which will allow the company to continue growing despite an uncertain economic environment. Furthermore, it will enable SGP to increase revenue while remaining true to its commitments of social responsibility, in turn benefitting both its community and industry leadership position. Furthermore, the platform will drive greater transparency and trust between SGP stakeholders – eventually turning it into a true Smart Nation leader.