Singapore Pools

The Singapore Pools is a gaming company offering sports, lottery, and horse racing bets to customers online, by phone, at outlets or their mobile apps. Bettors have several betting options including double, treble and fourfold bets as well as bets that will occur within certain time frames. Their goal is to offer safe and trusted avenues for people to bet on sports, horse races and lottery games while contributing profits back into charitable initiatives through Tote Board programs.

Organisation is founded upon values such as respect, innovation, customer care, integrity and community service. These core beliefs guide operations at the company as it works toward becoming a responsible gaming provider that works with authorities to combat illegal gambling activities as well as being an industry leader in terms of customer service and technology. As its first step toward this end goal, traditional customer touchpoints were converted into digital channels and mobile platforms to allow customers to easily sign-up, manage accounts and place wagers.

Singapore Pools’ customers love Toto! Especially on holidays and New Year’s Eve when special Toto draws offer larger jackpots and more prizes – plus you can check your winnings on either our Toto results page or at authorized retail venues!

Singapore 4D, one of the company’s signature games since 1986, provides another popular option from their portfolio. Not only is this innovative alternative to standard 6/49 lottery, its jackpots may not be huge either – yet its minimum bet amounts and winning chances make this an appealing option!

Singapore Pools generated revenue totalling S$9.1 billion in 2018. Most of this money went back to lottery winners. Meanwhile, 5% was given to the Tote Board which funds social development projects such as arts, charity, education healthcare and sports projects.

Singapore Pools offers various products and services. Their website enables people to buy tickets easily from home, while their mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. In order to use it, users must register their account information with Singapore Pools; once signed in they can view bets placed on sports, TOTO, 4D events as well as account balances, deposit limits and bet histories.

Singapore Pools account holders can deposit money with eNETS using the left navigation. Simply log in, choose “Deposits,” select your bank, enter deposit amount and accept any important notes regarding usage. Please be aware that an internet connection with pop-up blocker disabled and pop-up blocker disabled must exist for you to use this service successfully. Once confirmed, transactions will be processed immediately, while to withdraw funds you need a physical IC card; cash withdrawals should only use physical cards for prize redemption and proof of residence must also be provided if withdrawing any prizes