What is the HK Prize?

HK Prize is an international award that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to world civilisation. Its logo features two precious elements — a pearl and jade amulet — symbolizing humanity’s spirit of harmony, with winners receiving both monetary prizes as well as travel and F&B vouchers as rewards. Before applying, it is crucial that participants familiarise themselves with all rules and regulations as well as playing only on websites that provide fair gameplay with respectable winning chances, being honest about wins/losses etc in order to prevent being duped!

The Hong Kong Prize is an excellent way to recognize hard work. Along with receiving a monetary prize, winners will also have an opportunity to visit Hong Kong and experience its rich culture, meet fellow winners and learn from each other – this award is particularly helpful for high school students looking to make a difference in their communities.

This year marks ten years of the Hong Kong Prize – one of the premier arts prizes in Asia and a platform for artists to showcase their works and be recognized. Not only is this an award that recognizes top works but it provides artists an invaluable chance to expand their network and expand their audience base.

Winners of the Hong Kong Prize will not only receive a generous monetary award but will also get to experience Hong Kong’s leading research facilities first hand, networking with fellow scientists and increasing exposure for their research – whether using technology to aid homeless people or creating liquid biopsy technology, these finalists are doing amazing things with technology!

Reshef, founder of the University of the People, won the Education Development prize. His tuition-free university seeks to make higher education accessible regardless of financial status or background; during his acceptance speech he applauded Hong Kong government’s commitment to creating a global hub of research and innovation.

Michael Hui was also recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This well-known comedian has made significant contributions to Hong Kong comedy over decades with films like Private Eyes and Security Unlimited. Additionally, he is a passionate human rights activist who has campaigned against China’s anti-secession law.

The Colours of Humanity Art Prize honors diversity through art. This year’s contest theme is “Our Changing World,” inviting artists to explore this ever-evolving world around them. Selected works will be showcased at Goethe-Gallery and Black Box Studio with shortlisted works also appearing at an insightful program of panel discussions and an awards night with proceeds benefitting Justice Centre Hong Kong’s work for displaced people.