The Best and Worst of Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

With summer heat quickly approaching, now may be the time to enjoy some refreshing swimming pool time in Hong Kong. Before diving right in however, it would be prudent to review potential drawbacks associated with Hong Kong swimming pools.

Public pools in cities provide an enjoyable way to cool off and exercise, but may not always offer complete safety. Many pools have lane restrictions due to limited lifeguard coverage and don’t always enjoy an excellent reputation for cleanliness.

Thank goodness some of the city’s private pools have taken steps to upgrade their facilities, offering activities and programs designed to ensure swimmers enjoy themselves safely while having fun – not only will kids benefit but many clubs also cater to adults!

Swimming pools can play an essential role in maintaining overall wellness, but subpar ones can actually do more damage. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Hong Kong’s pools ranked from best to worst so you can find your ideal place to swim this summer.

One of Hong Kong’s more underrated pools, this one provides breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. Boasting eight pools to choose from, you’re sure to find your own oasis here – whether that means doing some laps or simply sitting back and relaxing. Plus, all your swimming costumes and floats can be purchased conveniently near the entrance!

This pool boasts one of the highest water slides in all of Hong Kong and, due to that fact, attracts crowds throughout weekdays and weekends. Furthermore, it has one of the largest sets of government-owned pools with teaching, diving and leisure pools – drawing both local residents and visitors from outside Hong Kong alike.

If you’re seeking an escape from city life, Rosewood Hong Kong’s exclusive pool on its sixth-floor offers the ideal solution. Offering stunning views and an indulgent selection of snacks and desserts ranging from Alaskan king crab rolls to strawberry mirlitons – you’re guaranteed an enjoyable swim here!

Are you seeking an exquisite experience? Look no further than W Hong Kong and their luxurious rooftop pool. Dubbed WET, its location at 211 metres is unparalleled – the highest outdoor pool in Hong Kong! Enjoy stunning views while taking full advantage of their FIT gym and delicious selection of food and beverages available there too – make sure that suncream is worn! So go ahead, experience luxury like never before…just remember your sun cream!