Alexander Vindman Says He’s ‘Absolutely a Never Trumper’


A transcript is as follows:

LESTER HOLT: The president suggested you are a Never Trumper. Are you a Never Trumper?

ALEXANDER VINDMAN: I joined this administration, the president’s team, well into the administration with the hopes of being able to do my job, with the hopes of being able to advance U.S. national security interests. I can say now that I am a Never Trumper. I was not a Never Trumper before. I was nonpartisan. Regardless of what administration, I would just try to do the best I could to advance national security interests, but I think as the president’s attacked and politicized me directly, and in taking a very sober view of where the president has taken this country–the divisions, catering to our adversaries, the undermining of our national security interests, that I am absolutely a Never Trumper.