President Biden was droning on at his first presidential address to Congress, then people began noticing something funny about his appearance.

Do you see it? Watch below:

It wasn’t that he was speaking without a mask and Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi were both sitting their with masks on, despite being fully vaccinated.

(The messaging is confusing; why is Biden not wearing a mask? Or… why are Pelosi and Harris wearing masks?)

— Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) April 29, 2021

The Democrats don’t even care that Biden giving a speech without a mask while the Speaker and VP are wearing a mask is instantly the dumbest optics in the history of presidential addresses.

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) April 29, 2021

Biden is telling “go get vaccinated, America” while Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi (both vaccinated) are behind him wearing masks.

Not exactly a strong argument to get vaccinated if life will be the same.

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) April 29, 2021

No, it was something a lot easier to miss.

If you look closely, you can see that Joe Biden is not wearing his wedding ring. Twitter power user Comfortably Smug caught it on Twitter.

Holy shit Joe Biden isn’t wearing his wedding ring!

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) April 29, 2021

Joe Biden has been married to Dr. Jill Biden since 1977. He reportedly had to ask five times before she said yes. But it turns out that Joe Biden doesn’t wear a wedding ring for mysterious reasons.

“In fact, President Biden didn’t wear a wedding ring when he was serving as vice president, and neither did President Barack Obama for the most part,” Distractify points out. “Jill is regularly seen sporting her wedding ring, as was Michelle Obama. Their husbands, on the other hand, have elected to go ringless for much of their public life for reasons that they’ve never fully articulated.”

Joe Biden didn’t wear a wedding ring during his first primetime address to Congress, either.

Donald Trump also did not wear a wedding ring during his presidential addresses to Congress, either. It is unclear why many politicians have decided not to wear their wedding rings, but at the very least, it is an unusual trend.