WARNING – the following article will contain explicit and graphic language and imagery.

Team Biden has objectively succeeded at hiding the Democrat nominee for president, and now the Biden/Harris ticket, from answering any serious journalists questions. But do not fret because “Elle” magazine, zoom, and the woman with the number one played song in the country at present, have finally coaxed “Joey B.” up the stairs and out into the light for a “meaningful exchange” with the in-depth interviewer aka “Wolverine hands.” You heard that right, the obliging and fawning media has been scooped by none other than Rapper Cardi B.

As we all find ourselves swirling around in this surreal simulation of late passing for American life and political discourse, it is a blunt reality, no matter how distasteful, that is needed. Biden, Democrats, and the Media have selected outrage when it comes to assigning offense to the use of lewd language, ie. the “P” word. The vague spelling utilized in this article refers to the slang word that describes the female anatomy known as the nether regions. Forgive the obtuseness, but yes, this is where the left drags us by making defining words in the leftist paradigm a given. Whew! Now that addressing the crass word is behind us time to be even more tedious by providing context.

The October Surprise for candidate Trump in 2016 was the release of audio (hot mic) where he engaged in a private conversation with another male, entertainment host, a much younger man, Billy Bush. Both men were using lewd language to describe their interactions and perceptions of some women. Trump’s specific comments were, “they will let you grab them by the “P.” While degrading his perceptions about a type of woman (gold digger star), again Trump did not state the comments for public consumption. Despite the Democrat and Media accusations, Trump never stated he grabbed anyone’s nether regions against their will or even specifically engaged in the act itself. The Candidate publicly apologized, accepted responsibility, and added context. Vice President Biden followed the cue from Democrats / Media and feigned outrage and disdain for what was deemed a disqualifying moment. Biden went so far as to indicate he would have become violent against Trump under certain circumstances.

The quote from Joe Biden:

A guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it,’” Biden said. “They asked me if I’d like to debate this gentleman, and I said ‘no.’ I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.” Biden added, “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms my whole life. I’m a pretty damn good athlete. Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest S.O.B. in the room.”

Biden now grants an interview with Cardi B, a 27-year-old Rapper, who has just dropped a song entitled WAP, which is an acronym for Wet A** Pu**y” The video and lyrics to the song are definitive and intended for public consumption. Biden’s team chose to sit their candidate down to be probed by this woman and allow her to illuminate her vision and desires for free healthcare for all people (illegals), free college, and “free stuff.” “Joey B.” got lectured by WAP songstress on racial justice, police brutality, and pandemic issues. Now for the money shot, Cardi B and Biden split screen, one glorifying women using the “P” to control and use men and get commodities, and the other credibly accused by ten women of sexually inappropriate behaviors! 

Right Wire Report is acutely aware that exposure to the song WAP’s words and video is toxic but still implores you to read the uncensored lyrics and watch the video as a marker for the juxtaposition. Yes, this is the censored version of the music video:

[embedded content]

Clearly, the use of sexist and degrading words against women is not a real issue for Biden, Democrats, or the Media rather the real issue is whose mouth the words emerge. So you may ask – who is this new Edward R. Murrow Biden has chosen to elevate? Goodness knows the media will never highlight this question for any voter. One thing is for certain, Joe Biden hasn’t a clue who Cardi B is however his campaign staff cannot play dumb on this one.

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B was born in the Bronx to immigrant parents from the Caribbean. She is a self-described stripper turned reality star turned rapper who admits to drugging men and robbing them in her role as a sex worker. Yes, criminal behavior was her way of life just five years ago. She promotes her surgically-enhanced curves, exotic dancer fashion style, and “wolverine” nails and pimps out records with vulgar, grotesque, and seriously demeaning lyrics about women including pornographic imagery she claims are female empowerment. Her rise to fame came with songs titles like “Gangsta Bitch vol 1 and 2″,” Leave the bitch alone“, “Please me“, “Lick“, Bodack Yellow,” and “WAP“. She is also the mother of a young female child.

This superstar, in a short span of four years, has sold enough records to be worth an estimated $24 million and has 74 million Instagram followers, and 14 million on Twitter. Who is her fanbase? They are primarily females between 12 to 34, and she ranks most popular on Tik Tok with tweens. Get it, fifth graders are jamming to “WAP’s” explicit lyrics, “THERES SOME WHORES IN THIS HOUSE,” 45 times on the track alone. And those are the tamer lines! Impressionable young girls and women (especially black inner-city women) are listening to loops of these phrases:

  • “Put this (P) right in your face”
  • “Swipe your nose like a credit card”
  • “Ask for a car while you ride that d**k”
  • “He got some money, then that’s where I’m headed”
  • “(P) A1 just like his credit”
  • “Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this wet-a** pu**y
  • I wanna gag, I wanna choke; You can’t hurt my feelings, but I like pain.”

No ambiguity in the implications that females bodies should, and can be exchanged for material things they want or need and using men is their only worth. In case you feel the depiction of Cardi B is too strident and not fair, I submit an Instagram post made within 24 hrs of sitting down with Biden. As you watch it, (and you were warned at the start of the article)keep in mind this exchange from the interview:

Biden encouraged Cardi B’s young fanbase to stay politically engaged and vote, telling her “the reason I’m so optimistic is because of your generation.” You’re the smartest, the best educated, the least prejudiced, and the most engaged generation in history,” Biden said. 

View this post on Instagram

WAP 101 … Only giving you this advise cause I love you.

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on Aug 15, 2020 at 5:37pm PDT

Could “Joey B.” be on to something we have all missed? Does his interviewer represent the brightest most politically engaged minds to resolve the issues that face our nation? Miss Thang has always been an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and told Biden she wants Medicare-for-All, free college, and government-run childcare. Although Cardi B wonders out loud about fear of higher taxation, Biden blows smoke up her skirt that practical changes would be enough to pay for all the freebies. Cardi supports wealth redistribution just not her wealth. Here – she tells you so!

[embedded content]

The “riveting” interview proceeds with her being emphatic that her number one motive for casting a vote in 2020 is to remove Donald Trump. She rattles off a laundry list of things she must know about the pandemic and demands she needs a leader to do these items. Ironically, every single action on her list has been done by the Trump administration to date and she seemed oblivious to that fact. “And I want Black people to stop getting killed and no justice for it,” Cardi B blurts out warning police brutality and Trump’s racism, “could be the start of a civil war.” Saying that Trump “appeals to … prejudice,” Biden awkwardly grins and pledges to work towards repairing stark social divisions in the United States.

We doubt Cardi B or Joe know the actual stats on police brutality or the propaganda driving the institutional racism charge by the left, here, herehere, and here. But that did not stop her from going on a foul mouth rant complete with F**k You’s and death threats to NYPD finest or endorsing that Minnesota rioters had “no choice” but to loot and steal after George Floyd’s death.

But here’s the rub-think Shakespeare no pun intended. Joe Biden and Cardi B. have more in common than one might think. They are both highly cynical, vapid, and manipulative creatures who know what works to get what they want. Biden honed his bumbling, “Did I Do That?” patronizing routine wearing a grin in politics for the last 45 years. Albeit, the current ineptness is a cognitive decline and no act.

Biden’s team knows they must target young voters and more specifically black, Latino, and female voters. Cardi B. knows how to make money and what sells in this cesspool culture perfectly reflected in the political mirror today. Cardi knows in her bubble the payday lines up with a Biden full-throttle endorsement and she can deliver the identity politics pool of voters Biden needs.

Does the truth matter to either of them? Does she condone Biden’s less than stellar record on race, the prison systemsegregation, much less his racial statements? Do either even know Trump’s actual record as it relates to Black Americans? Care to place a bet on if Cardi B. even knows about Trump’s prison reform bill or that the CARES Act ensures all Americans Health treatment for COVID19, including testing? Not to be unkind, but Biden is not sure where he is physically on most days. So the interview makes perfect sense now right? 

Like the music stopping while playing musical chairs – wait just a hot minute. Even conceding the two are not the sharpest tools in the shed there is still the little matter of rank hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. The Left has one standard, a double one. This brings me back to the title of the article. This ELLE interview did not get set up in a vacuum. Layers of staff on each side of the equation signed off on this freak show and we cannot make the claim they are all daft.

Right Wire Report asks the question that every journalist should pose to Biden and Harris until a satisfactory answer is provided. How does Biden who has credibly been accused of inappropriate sexual interactions with numerous women get away with elevating the trainwreck Cardi (WAP) B, while simultaneously claiming the moral superiority and high ground over Trump? I can just imagine if Tara Reid composed a rap song the lyrics might go something like this:

  • ” I was dissed by Joey B.” 
  • “Thrown up against the wall”
  •  “His fingers inside of me”
  • “This is her story she says it’s true”
  • “But she is not believed by Biden’s team or #metoo.”

(Given this author cannot bust a rhyme).

How does Cardi B endorse a candidate whose own VP choice said she believed the women? Rhetorical question really as the entire article answers for her sense of humanity and dignity as a woman. How does the media and all the other Democrats keep a straight face when they wax on about Biden’s beyond reproach decency and integrity?

Speaking truth to power, all the feigned outrage over misogyny, me too movement, BLM, and all the other bromides the left breathe into the ethos only matter when they can use it to gain power and control. Their massive projection of self-righteousness is as revolting as Cardi B interviewing a Senile Biden. The entire interview can be watched here:

[embedded content]

Again another example of the cultural rot that flows from the Left on perpetual chocolate fondue fountain speed.

Right Wire Report asks you to flip the script and fill in the headlines or talking points from Democrats if President Trump had sat down to be interviewed by a Conservative Trump-supporting Cardi B?

I hope you have been enlightened now that Trump’s choice of the “P” word is beyond the pale and Cardi B’s not so much. The Left has no soul anymore, but they do have Stalin’s “useful idiots” who they fill their gullets with straw men, logical fallacies, and naked deceitful lies. Unfortunately, to this crew of misfits Cardi B is Susan B Anthony, and Rosa Parks rolled into one, and Biden is just north of Mother Theresa and just a sweet old Grand-Paw caressing you.

image RWR original article syndication source.