The group distributed a press release to the media that included a statement from the PAC.

The release details CCP’s abusive behavior:

China has for years now been callously violating human rights on the world stage without consequence. It has harshly cracked down against anyone brave enough to demonstrate in the streets of Hong Kong and passed a security law that is nothing more than an excuse to round up anyone who so much as breathes dissent.

Worse still, Beijing is executing nothing less than genocide against the Uighur people and their culture by forcing them into modern concentration camps, making them work as slaves in factories, suppressing their Islamic faith and native language, and forcibly sterilizing their population to reduce birth rates. It’s cruel, inhumane, and downright evil, all because the Uighurs are a minority ethnic group, speak their own language, and practice sincerely held religious beliefs.

“These crimes are ongoing, but nonetheless China will get to host the best athletes from around the world and show how great it is while blatantly flaunting international humanitarian laws. What an insult to the free world. China is the new evil empire that President Reagan spoke of, and Beijing is morally unqualified to host the Olympic Games. It is truly a great irony that they are hosting what is supposed to be a celebration of international peace,” the PAC said in a statement

“Beijing is building profits on the backs of Uighur slaves and aggressively suppressing democracy in Hong Kong. Until the rest of the world seriously cracks down on Beijing’s transgressions and makes them answer for what they’ve done, no country and no visitor should give China a single dime to attend the Olympics next year,” the statement said.

“CFTR was his political action committee designed to advance the conservative cause at a time when it seemed as if the ideology of less government, more freedom and the dignity of the private individual was in danger of being permanently abandoned in America,” is how the website described the PAC’s mission.