Radical White Losers

In the devolution of society that is identity politics, all whites are evil and hold up the racist system known as the United States. Nothing about skin color is actually binding, but that won’t stop the left from making the claim.

The incessant noise about white privilege, systemic racism, and everything else that’s echoed by hollow Democrats is reaching a boiling point in society. How long can blaming all whites for evils committed hundreds of years ago last before good people are finally fed up with the vile aspersions being cast about? Let’s be perfectly clear, as a white cis male, I have more in common with a black trans female that values liberty, individualism, and commitment to God and family than I do another white person who votes Democrat at this point.

While the left proclaims that race is now the defining aspect of a person’s worth, conservatives rightly judge a person by their intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities, such as what they stand for and how they act. That’s why it is easy to declare that I have nothing in common with a white skinny, radical, leftist hipster wearing a form-fitting cardigan and lens-less glasses. But in the worldview of the left, we are identical because we both have light melanin?

By the Left’s logic, which is oxymoronic, shouldn’t a white Antifa scumbag throwing a Molotov cocktail at a white federal officer be enough proof that we aren’t the same? Also, are we so ready to believe that the northern whites who fought and died for emancipation are the same as the southern whites who fought and died to keep slaves?

Even in one’s own household, white siblings engage in a heated debate over religious, cultural, and political differences. If direct bloodlines and household norms can’t even produce equal perspectives and attitudes, how does a country with 200 million whites expect to do so?

Dennis Prager used to comment on his radio program that any conservative would rather have nine black transgendered persons on the Supreme Court upholding the Constitution than nine white leftists seeking to burn it. For conservatives, race is the least consequential descriptor of a human’s worth. It’s on par with eye color, connected ear lobes, or innie/outie belly buttons.

Ask a leftist whether they’d rather have the same nine black transgendered folk making rulings in favor of conservative principles or nine white leftists, and they wouldn’t be able to contort their feeble and indoctrinated minds enough to work out a solution. Would they want preferential racial and gendered diversity or strict adherence to the cause? It’s logic-busting simplicity that warps the untethered flaws of their ideology and reduces their responses to “You’re racist!”

Author and talk-show host Mark Levin has made the point that a white and black American who meet in Paris instantly have more in common than the same white person trying to connect with a white Parisian. Whereas the two whites in this scenario share neither a history, culture, language, or worldview, it is much easier for the white and black Americans to connect using their common language and cultural references. It’s so painfully obvious race doesn’t matter.

More recently, Greg Gutfeld summarized the feeling best on the show The Five. “I have more in common with black winners than white losers,” he said. “What ties us together is an achievement and not grievance.”


How much longer can this charade go on? It is not about race; it is about values. That is why documentaries like Uncle Tom can be produced alongside noxious filth like 13th. Both produced by blacks and starring blacks but having nothing in common. One uplifts blacks as independent actors and the other reduces a helpless community to the actions of others.

It is why two white people, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, can both be presidential candidates of two diametrically opposed political parties. Can anyone really make the claim Biden and Trump are interchangeable? I’d like to hear that argument.

And, if race really were important, would 95% of blacks vote Democrat with a white presidential candidate? Aren’t they just voting for white supremacy if we’re supposed all the same?

The hacks who market race-dividing materials and the lemmings who willingly run off the cliff clutching their signed copies of White Fragility are as near as ever to toppling the greatest country and society etched into the lands.

We can’t let that happen. Voting (R) in November won’t change everything, but it’ll be a start.

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