Gov. Ron DeSantis Warns: Joe Biden’s Policies ‘Will Not Play Well Here in Florida’


Florida is continuing in its gradual reopening process, allowing bars to reopen at a 50 percent capacity this week. This month, DeSantis vowed that officials in the state will “never do any of these lockdowns again,” adding, “I hear people say they’ll shut down the country, and honestly I cringe.”

He capitalized on that sentiment during a Fox & Friends appearance on Thursday, warning that Biden’s pro-shutdown views will “not play well” with Floridians.

“Biden is somebody that says he would shut down the country when he’s president. That is a disaster. We cannot do that. That will not play well here in Florida,” DeSantis told the outlet, noting the contrast President Trump and Biden have on the issues, as well as the addition of new Floridians, who are “happy to get out of some of the high tax, high unemployment states.”

“The issue contrasts are very strong,” DeSantis said. “Biden’s record is one of repeated failures.”

The governor guessed that many of the people flocking to the Sunshine State will “tend toward the president” but ultimately said it is hard to predict where the state stands, given the ever-shifting electorate.

“It is something where we have so many new voters added to the pot every election cycle, that it’s a little bit more challenging in Florida than it would be in some other states that don’t see the type of growth, and incidentally, the pandemic has not slowed that down at all,” he added.

During a Thursday appearance on Bill Hemmer Reports, the governor added that Biden has “not been able to make the sale on a lot of voters that a Democrat would need to win.”