Veteran actor James Woods slammed Joe Biden for proposing gun control legislation while Hunter Biden was caught recklessly handling firearms.

“Maybe his gun grabber dad might begin his “gun control” jihad by starting with junior’s illegal gun brandishing,” Woods said.

On Monday, a reported nude photo of Hunter Biden recklessly handling a firearm with a prostitute in 2018 surfaced. In three photos, Hunter is pictured flashing a firearm in nude poses in a room filled with drugs, Radar Online reported.

Hunter’s loose handling of a firearm comes as Biden on Thursday proposed seven gun control measures. The policy ideas include enacting a safe storage law, strengthening background checks, and creating red flag laws.

Joe Biden’s pro-gun control proposals are contrary to the Biden family standard of firearm protocol. In 2018, Hunter lied to obtain a weapon by failing to disclose he had a drug problem, the New York Post. Hunter has not been charged with any wrongdoing regarding the lie. The weapon has also disappeared.

Hunter revealed in 2019 that the FBI had gotten involved in the case of the missing firearm. Speaking about Hallie Biden, his former sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hunter said she threw the gun into a grocery store dumpster in Wilmington, Delaware.