Kamala Harris thinks it’s no sweat that she’s just been given a really big job by Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Harris was put in charge of the hugest responsibility that a Vice President could be asked to handle. The border crisis.

The vice president recently took questions about the task, which has many wondering if Biden’s days in the White House are numbered.

“The border rules have been a problem — an intractable problem for multiple presidents,” a reporter asked. “Are you concerned at all about the political risks that come with accepting this responsibility?”

“No,” Harris responded.

The Vice President was also asked about handling other challenges facing the Harris-Biden administration.

“Madam Vice President, you — when you were running for President, came up with some very creative, aggressive, different ways you could use executive action on a number of issues: teachers, guns — which, I know, for both of you senators is an issue very near and dear to your heart,” a reporter asked. “Are you pushing the President, or suggesting to the President that he adopt some of those proposals you came up with to be a little more aggressive with executive action going forward?”

“I think the President has been quite obvious in his intention to be bold,” Harris replied. “Again, I’ll go back to the occasion for this visit, which is the American Rescue Plan — lifting half of America’s children out of poverty.”

It was decided on Wednesday that Harris will now lead the administration’s efforts on curbing immigration across the southern border, including focusing on coordination with Mexico and Latin America.

Biden gave a statement at the White House before a handler turned reporters away.

“Thank you Mr. President for your confidence,” Harris told Biden. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” Biden replied. “Willing to do it. And now we’re going to get down to business here, and uh, Ron who am I turning this over to?”

“Thank you very much, Mr. President,” the handler replied. “I think it’s time, I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave now.”

At least a reporter could get a one-word response about her new role in the Harris-Biden White House. The American people will take all the transparency it can get.