Migrant Train Jumpers Arrested in Texas 50 Miles from Border


Laredo North Station Border Patrol agents observed a group of migrants engaging in the dangerous practice of train jumping on a northbound train near Cotulla. The agents contacted the rail service company and requested the train be stopped for inspection, according to information obtained by Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials.

The train stopped a few miles north of Cotulla and agents began their inspection. The agents initially apprehended three migrants. The search of the train continued and agents found one more train jumper before releasing the train to continue its trip.

Agents identified the migrants as having come to the U.S. from Guatemala and Mexico.

Another incident occurred about three hours later as several other migrants jumped on a second train near Cotulla. Agents again contacted the train operators and requested the train stop north of Cotulla for inspection.

During a search of the train, agents found two U.S. citizens and 15 illegal immigrants, Laredo Sector officials said. Agents identified the migrants as having come to the United States from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

“This dangerous method of illegal entry into the United States by illegal immigrants is strongly discouraged as it often results in serious injury or death,” Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials said in a written statement. “The Laredo Sector Border Patrol continues to warn against the dangers of people crossing illegally into the United States through dangerous and hazardous means.”

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