A reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday if President Joe Biden is scheduled to independently address the White House press corps.

“Not yet, but we will definitely have one,” Psaki said. “We will schedule it, and you’ll be the first to know. Cause you’re pivotal participants in that.”

Biden notably answered very few unscripted questions during his campaign, at which time former President Donald Trump nicknamed him “Joe Hiden.”

Breitbart News reported Biden told CNN the strategy of “hiding” in his basement during the coronavirus pandemic has worked “pretty well.”

Indeed, perhaps Biden is using the same approach during his presidency.

Trump’s administration, during his tenure, claimed he was “his own best spokesperson” and said, “He’s the most accessible president in history as all of the media knows. Just yesterday, he gaggled two or three times with the press.”

Former President Barack Obama held eleven solo press conferences his first year.