“Graduates, you are our hope,” Pelosi said. “In generation, we see leaders unafraid to take the torch — marching for our lives and demanding action on gun violence.”

“You should sound the alarm on the climate crisis with science, science, science,” Pelosi said. “You speak against the scourge of injustice. We need you to help summon the better angels of our nature to help heal America’s fractured soul.”

“Know your power and be ready,” Pelosi said.

The Boston Globe reported on Pelosi’s speech:

Among this generation of students, she said, there are leaders sounding the alarm of climate change and gun violence. She said during one of the country’s darkest hours, President Abraham Lincoln spoke of bringing the country together, and she encouraged these students to summon solidarity.

“You are the authenticity that America needs,” she said. “We know this: Hope is the most powerful weapon against threats against democracy. We should have hope, because we believe in America.”

As Pelosi began her speech, someone in the crowd screamed, “We need gun control!” Another person yelled out that she was “a criminal.”

Pelosi slammed the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft of the Roe v. Wade ruling and falsely claimed if the draft is made official it could also threaten same sex marriage, even if Justice Samuel Alito specifically said in the opinion that it only applied to abortion.

“We can’t let that happen,” Pelosi said.

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